Count it all joy

“Count it all joy” I read in the Bible. I love that encouragement and I have applied it in my life as much as I can but then there are moments when all I count is how much I have been hurt or how difficult things have been. “Count it all joy” is not just for happy times it is for all the time. It is not just when life is good and everything is going just fine. The Lord tells us to count it all joy no matter what is happening. As a matter of fact, He even says to count it all joy in the midst of our troubles. When I first understood the deeper implication of that encouragement I was distraught. I felt like it wasn’t possible for me to count it all joy when the bills keep piling up and when one trial after another rolls into my life. I prayed about it. I asked for guidance and clarification. The word “joy” is the key in that phrase. Joy comes from the Lord. God expects us to count it all joy thanks to Him and through Him. He wants us to tap into His power to be able to count it all joy. It shouldn’t be in our own strength. His joy is our strength. Today I want to encourage you to count it all joy no matter what and I am going to tell you how you can do that.

First of all it is important to count on God. Count on God to be there all the time. Count on His perfect timing. Count on His constant presence. Count on His love. Count on His mercy and His grace. Count on His ability to make things work. Count on His power to change your circumstances and above all to change you. Know that God can mold you and sharpen you so you can be the sharpest tool around. You are a tool that God can hold and use to His glory. He can enhance the gifts in your life. He can amplify the fruit in your life. He can guide you through the process of being more like Him. Joy is a part of Him and you can rest assured that the Lord will increase His joy in your life as you increase your time and interaction with Him. Count on the One who saves. Count on Him to save you from yourself and make you more like Him. See Him as the God who can change you from the inside out. If joy is lacking in your life, trust that it can be given to you in bigger portions. Thank the Lord that you can count on Him to make joy a part of you like never before. Renew your mind by studying His Word and focus on joy in the Bible.

Like I said before, joy is an inherent part of God. The more time you spend in prayer, worship and adoration the more you will be impacted by God and joy will be part of the whole experience. When you adore and lift up the Lord, His love, peace and joy are imparted to you. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. Sometimes it comes faster than you can imagine. What’s essential is that you keep at it and that you keep doing it despite your feelings and your circumstances. God is not in your feelings and emotions. He is vibrantly present in your faith. It’s your faith that will get you to push through to the other side where joy is more permanent. When things are tough, it looks like there is a door that can’t be opened and great things are on the other side of that door. Perseverance will unlock that door. Perseverance, patience and hope will fling that door wide open. Joy is available to you all the time and with an open door, you can enjoy it all the time. Keep that door open. Trust that the Holy Spirit who dwells in you has joy galore. Rely on Him for joy. Count on Him for joy. Count on the fact that you can count on Him for joy. The joy of the Lord will trump fear, sadness, stress and sorrow. It is there no matter what your circumstances are and not matter what you are feeling. Count it all joy with God’s help. You will get through the most difficult times with His joy!

Suggested reading: John 16:24; Romans 12:12; James 1:2-4

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