10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 150)

Are you waiting for something to happen that’s already happening? Ask the Lord to show what He is doing in your life. Just because you don’t feel like anything is taking place doesn’t mean that God is not working behind closed doors.

Tell Jesus He is the best part of your life. Tell Him that you can’t live without Him. Tell Him that He is your life and He will make your life an eternal blessing.

Jesus is the power behind life. He conquered death and made eternal life possible for whoever believes in Him.

God is not going anywhere but He will take you everywhere. Enjoy the journey. In the valleys and on the mountains, God is there with you. He will show you a world of wonder and protect you even when you wonder if His world is a real wonder!

Patience is key. Patience is the key that opens the door to the blessings of the Lord. Your breakthrough is on the other side of the door. Keep waiting. Keeping hoping. Keep believing. Your patience will open the door at the right time!

Let your heart think about what the Lord says in His Word. Believe it wholeheartedly and you will see how your mind is renewed by the power of God’s Word comfortably sitting in your heart.

Give God all the praise. Thank Him. Glorify Him. Brag on His greatness. Talk about His goodness. Embrace His holiness. Accept His faithfulness. Give God all the praise!

The God who creates rivers in the desert is about to create hope in the middle of your desperation. Out of nowhere will come rivers of hope that will lead to an ocean of faith. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged!

Stand behind the Cross. Stand behind the Gospel. Stand behind love. Stand behind the Word of God. Stand behind Jesus and let Him lead the way!

God’s promises are eternal. They don’t change. They don’t get old. They don’t vanish. They don’t break. God will always keep His promises. Learn about them and find out what to expect. His promises will never fail you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 32:8; Matthew 11:28-29

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