You are going to make it

You are going to make it. Not because I am saying it but because God declared it way before I did. Before you were born, the Lord knew you would make it. Before confusion, chaos, trouble, trials and tribulations started invading your life, God declared that you were going to make it. You are going to make it because greater is the Lord that is in you than the devil that is in this world. Yes, there is a devil. There is adversity and opposition but there is also the Lord and He is way bigger and way more powerful than any forces of darkness. There is no negativity and no forces of evil that can win against the Lord. The battle has been won and Jesus came out victorious. Now, the victory is yours as well in the name of Jesus. Today is the day you are going to stand and stay strong knowing that the victory will come. It might not come today and it might not come tonight but it is on its way. The Lord made sure that you would have what it takes to make it and He will make sure that your victory comes to pass. Your job is to stay in faith and to not lose your cool. Every time the enemy makes things hot and spicy in your life, the Lord will cool down the temperatures of your problems and make things peaceful again. Don’t try to figure out how you will get out of that mess. Just remember that the Lord has all the answers and He will get you out of your misery and peace will be here again.

You are going to make it. Not because you have the right human connections but because God is your divine connection and He will get you connected to all the right resources. He is going to intervene and interfere. He loves to intervene and take matters into His own hands when you trust Him. He likes to interfere with what’s bothering you and He removes the hurdles and the pain. He guarantees that you will make it. You are going to experience something amazing that will make you forget all the suffering and the Lord will provide all the wonderful blessings that you have been longing for. He is going to make things happen for you. Just wait and see. Be patient and don’t despise the waiting. Use this time of expecting to solidify your connection with the divine One who can do all things. Focus on your connection with the Lord and let Him teach you, mold you, help you and strengthen you.

You are going to make it. Not because you are lucky but because God favors you and blesses you. Child of the living God, you are blessed and highly favored. If you are not aware of it, unveil that truth today and wear it like a badge that gives you access to blessings from Heaven. You have a direct pipeline to Heaven and Jesus bought it for you on the cross. He died and rose again so you would have life in abundance. In this life through Jesus, you have an abundance of victories. You might get knocked down and fall many times but the victory is always yours in Jesus’ name. There are millions of blessings with your name engraved on them in red markings. The blood of Jesus secured those blessings and nothing will stop you from getting them. Today you can claim your blessings including the victory over what has been defeating you lately. You are not going to lose. Jesus didn’t lose. You won’t lose. With the Lord, victory is always in your future. Listen to what He has to say. He is saying that He is there to help you, to comfort you and to get you through anything. Take His helping hand and hang tight. You are going to make it in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:6; 1 Corinthians 15:58; 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

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