The blessing that can bless everyone

They say “Count your blessings” but sometimes it is hard to see what blessings are in our lives. Here is a blessing you can always count on; your relationship with God. It is one of the biggest blessings you will ever have. It is a major blessing for you and for people in your life. It can also be a blessing for every person you run into on any given day. It is up to you to see it as a blessing and to cherish it. Cherish it and let it grow. It will bless you day and night and change the lives of the people who need God around you. First you need to focus on what your relationship with God should look like. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to define the relationship and to help you maintain it and prosper it. The Lord said He would prosper you in all you do and I strongly believe that prospering your relationship with Him is on the top of the list. He can prosper you financially but He is more interested in the spiritual aspects of your life because He is Spirit. Encourage yourself to make your relationship with the Lord your top priority. You will understand how big a blessing it is and what it can do for you. It can make you more like Jesus and guide you through the maze of life. This great blessing from God will also keep going. It won’t stop. You can never know God fully but you can keep on walking with Him and learning about Him. Not only will you be blessed by His presence but you will bless others with His presence. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Never underestimate what the Lord in you means to the world. It is part of your mission on earth to share His love and to let Him express Himself through the blessing.

The blessing, as I like to call it because it is the most important one in my book, is phenomenal. It is outlined in the Book of Life and it comes alive in your life when you don’t take it for granted. When you accept Jesus as your Savior, you accept the blessing. You accept a relationship with Him that should stay on 24/7. However, you can switch it off by minimizing it or by ignoring it. I have to admit that I had turned off the blessing for many years. I was a Christian on paper but in reality I lived my life just like anybody else who didn’t know Jesus. I had my “holy moments” but they were not enough to get me close to God. I was basically acquainted with Him but He wasn’t as important in my life as He should have been. I didn’t comprehend the blessing. I had been introduced to it but I quickly put it away and went my merry way without Jesus. He has to be at the center. He has to be recognized as the author of the blessing and the power behind this amazing gift. Jesus is a gift. His relationship with us is a gift and every day we should open it and give it to others. Jesus is there for us but He is also very much present in our lives so He can touch other people’s lives. We can’t be selfish and keep the blessing all to ourselves. Let’s bless someone every day. Let’s pass on the gift and make someone’s day.

When you are close to the Lord and you stay “plugged in”, sharing the blessing is second nature. It is not something you have to think about. You do it naturally. You carry the torch of His love all the time and you look for people whose light is out. You take the torch and ignite their flame again. Some people have never had a light in their lives. They have never known peace, joy or love. God has all those great things for them and sometimes He relies on you to relay those blessings to others. You see, the blessing you have has many branches in the form of small or big blessings. Reach out to others and give them a twig or a branch. The Holy Spirit will show you what you should be distributing around you. Remember that it is all coming from God and give Him the glory for all the good you are doing in this world. You are doing it all in His name and through Him. Humble yourself and share the blessing. Give love, give peace, give joy, give the gift of time, pray with others, pray for others, intercede and stay strong in faith for others. The blessing in your life will never die but it will bring life to barren spirits and peace to troubled souls. Your relationship with Jesus is the blessing that can bless everyone. Make that relationship strong. God is using you to bring peace, deliverance and freedom into this world. Keep doing what you are doing in the name of the Lord!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Numbers 6:24-26; Romans 12:14


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