The Lord will supply your needs according to His riches in glory

“The Lord will supply your needs according to His riches in glory.” What do you think that means? Do you have any needs? Do you think that God can meet them? He can. There is no need that God can’t meet. Faith in His ability to meet our needs is what needs to be increased but God’s power is enough. It is our lack of faith that is the main hurdle. Lack of knowledge, lack of faith and the presence of fear are a destructive combination. If we don’t know what God can do, we can’t have faith in it and if fear is what we know, faith won’t grow. God Himself said that we should trust Him with all our hearts. He said that it is more than ok to have blind faith in Him. I have pictured myself falling from very high and I have seen a net behind me catching me every time. My faith is the leap that I take and God has a net to catch me and to make sure that the fall from the leap ends well. 

How many times have I had to take a leap of faith? More than I can count and there will be many more opportunities in the future. I have learned that when I put all my trust in God it doesn’t matter how big my needs are, He will take care of them. I am not just talking about material needs. Any need in any area of my life is fair game. God has no limits other than the limitations I create in my mind. Today I want to encourage you to believe that there are no needs in your life that God can’t meet. Your need might present itself one way and when you put it in God’s hands it evolves into something different. The goal is to put everything in God’s hands. Let Him be in charge. Let Him change you. Let Him be the potter and be willing to be the clay. Let Him control your situation and supply your needs.

There is an army of angels ready to minister to you and to help you. God cares about you and your needs and He has an amazing system in place to make things happen. It starts with faith. It continues with prayer, it is maintained by praises and thanksgiving and it ends well. You can jump into that process. You can step into the path to having your needs met. Trust that the process will work. Trust that God makes things work and be relentless. Don’t let appearances deceive you. Things have a way of appearing as bad and final. God can deal with final all the time. It is never final with Him. Death can seem final but it didn’t hold Him back. He stepped over the line of death and walked into eternal life. Your needs are not impossible to meet for the One who conquered something as big as death. Let your needs be known. Pray for them to be met and see what the Lord does. The Lord will supply your needs not according to your wallet, not according to your spiritual status but according to His riches in glory. That is a lot of riches and you can always count on an endless supply from the Lord.

God will take care of everything and you can rely on Him. The more I put that in my heart, the more my mind became in line with that truth. God can touch your heart in a profound and deep way that will make your entire being wake up. I love getting those awakenings. When you awake to a truth from the Lord, you can never go to bed the same ever again. You are changed for good and your perspective is never the same. Get the perspective that God will supply your needs. Share His mindset. Share His thinking. He is not a God of little resources. He has the whole world and more to tap from and He makes it all available to you. Bring your list of needs to the Lord. He will give the list back to you with annotations, comments and encouragements. His notes will be about keeping your hopes up and staying strong in Him because He has what you need. He will manifest His glory and show you that your needs are not too much for Him. You have needs. God has riches. Give your faith a chance to bridge the gap between your needs and His riches. Keep the faith. Your needs are already met in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Psalm 84:11; Philippians 4:19; 2 Corinthians 9:8-11

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