Stay hungry for more

My message today is about being hungry for more of God. My advice is that you develop or you maintain a healthy appetite for the things of the Lord. Be curious about God. Desire to learn more. Have an awareness that there is always more. Find out about God for yourself. Put down the books written about God for a minute and pick up the book that is God. Explore the Bible. Discover the Bible. Dive into the Word of God with the right equipment. Arm yourself with prayer, patience, humility, an open heart and surrender. God wants you to be as close to Him as you can. The enemy wants you to be as far from God as you can. Distraction will always occur. Obstacles and hurdles will also be put in place. The enemy knows how to make them seem like important daily events that need to be attended to. He wants you to have the wrong priorities. He wants you to have more time for yourself than you do for God. He wants you to feel like it’s impossible to connect with God and make a living at the same time. Time is precious and time flies by but time spent getting to know God is never wasted time.

Today is the day you can start moving in the direction of knowing God better. Today you can set the record straight and live out your life as a hungry child of God. Today you can be fed more than ever. Today you can learn more than ever. Today you can be changed more than ever. Today you can know love more than ever. As you get closer to God, you get closer to love. You get closer to the life that was bought on the cross by love. You can have a spiritual revival today. You can have your spiritual eyes open today. What it takes is curiosity, willingness to learn, a desire to become small and let God be as big as He can be to you and hunger. Hunger for more. Hunger for manna from Heaven. Hunger for true love, true peace, true joy. Hunger for Jesus. Hunger for His truth. Hunger for a life abandoned to Him. Hunger for wisdom. Hunger for righteousness. Hunger for a loss of appetite for the things of the world. Let God spoil your appetite for what doesn’t matter and for what derails you and separate you from Him. Let God’s Spirit give you a hunger like never before. The Holy Spirit can help you develop a passion for the Lord. It is in you. Just pull it out of your heart and give it a chance to dominate you and guide you.

God is a good God and He takes care of His children. When we have needs, He has the right supplies. Know that your hunger for more is a need that He can meet very easily. Surrender your heart and He will provide the food that your spirit is craving and that your mind and soul will benefit from. God is a generous God and if you ask, He will give you. If you knock, He will open the door. If you present your empty plate, He will fill it. If your cup needs a refill, He will take care of it. If your spirit is dried up, He will make it rain so you receive a great revival that will keep your land fertile and bountiful. There is always more with God and there is always a way to get more. Your spiritual revival is under way. Stay in faith and believe that you are going to be filled to the brim with a burning fire for God. A fire that will keep you going even in the darkest times. God’s fire in you will ignite every spiritual cell that needs a kick start. Ask away. Stay expectant. Keep eating the Word of God and allow His Spirit to assist you with digestion. His Spirit will give you the tools to process the manna from Heaven and to be enlightened. Stay hungry for God. Stay hungry for the truth. It will set you free!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:4-5; Matthew 5:6; 1 Peter 2:2

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