God will set you free

The truth will set you free. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life so Jesus will set you free. You can’t connect with the Lord and have a relationship with Him without being set free. You might not be free from everything that is keeping you captive right away but as you walk with Him and develop trust and faith in Him, deliverance will ensue. Jesus saves. Jesus sets free. It is true today like it was yesterday. The Lord who walked the earth healing people He met is still healing and delivering people. He said in His Word that He couldn’t perform miracles in places where people didn’t believe. I am convinced that our lack of faith in God’s ability to do the impossible hinders His miracles in our lives. We are not taught enough about His miracle working power. It is talked about here and there but we have swept it under the carpet instead of presenting it as part of who God is. God is love first and foremost and because He is love and He is God, He wants to bless us and to do amazing things for us. His hand is stretched out but our hand is not ready to reach for His. We need the truth. We need His truth so we can be set free. Jesus loves setting His people free from all sorts of bondages and yokes. He came to set the captives free and to proclaim the good news of the gospel. He didn’t come to cuddle us in a state of despair and misery. He wants us out of that state. He came to heal the wounds, cure the sick and remove pain and sorrow.

I realized a while ago that I wasn’t letting Jesus come into all the compartments of my life. I was content with second best and I was ok feeling down and miserable at times. I thought it was part of being pious and being holy. I was highly mistaken. I wasn’t free. I was captive to wrong thinking and to a suffering that should not have been in my life. Why was I in such agony even though I was saved? I didn’t know the Jesus who sets people free. I knew of Him but I didn’t know Him. I saw Him as a legend that had lived a long time ago and I couldn’t reconcile His majesty and power with the Jesus I loved. I had a misconstrued idea of Jesus. My Jesus was good but He wasn’t the real Lord. He was an imposter. He was the product of a Christian culture that was not founded on the pure Word of God. It was based on a watered down version of the Gospel. The Gospel proclaims that Jesus sets us free and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. When I got a hold of that truth, I was set free. I found freedom. I found peace. I found Jesus!

God will set you free. Friend, God will give you freedom if you give Him your time and attention. Open up your heart to Him. Believe in His love and believe in His power. He is not a weak and feeble Lord. He is not man’s creation. He is the creator and as the creator He can create anything including miracles and deliverance. If you are in an emotional or mental prison, if your problems are keeping you captive, go to Jesus who sets any captives free. Invite Him into your life. Keep Him there. Hold on to His truth. Let Him set you free. Pray to Him. Get closer to Him. Work on having more faith in His wonder working power. He can do all things. You are not going to stay in that jail. God will set you free. Your current situation is not the end of the story. There is more to come and it is coming from the Lord. He is going to give you the freedom that you didn’t think existed. Stay with Him. Stick with Him. Freedom is on the agenda of your life and Jesus wrote it in using the indelible Word of God. It is written that who the Son sets free is free indeed. The Son of God is going to set you free. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Luke 4:18; John 8:36; John 14:6

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