Your life will never be the same

God thinks you are amazing. He sees you as a wonderful and precious person. He adores you. He loves you and He would do anything for you. As a matter of fact He did. He sent His only Son Jesus to die on the cross so that you would be saved and have eternal life. That eternal life that was bought for you is fully operational today. Your salvation is on. The cross and the resurrection flipped the switch of salvation and nothing can turn it off now. Since you have accepted the Lord as your Savior, things have been up and down. Some days are good and some are bad. Your salvation doesn’t guarantee that you will never have trials but it guarantees that you have Jesus. Let Him be the source of your salvation. You are not saved because of your good deeds but you are saved because of Him. He is the orchestrator of your salvation and thanks to Him everything is in motion.

In this awesome life, the bad doesn’t derail you. This means that even when you are having a bad day, you are still having a better day than when you didn’t have the Lord. He has an array of blessings that are at your disposal. If you step into His sphere of love and care and embrace His salvation, your life will never be the same again. Jesus has a life for you that is full of His glory and His mercy. Adopt the life of salvation. Live it out. Live in His salvation. Be actively saved so to speak. How do you do that? By surrendering to His will, by giving up on yourself and taking on His salvation and by trusting Him with blind faith. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Let His salvation be the decor in the temple of your life. Let your spirit be inhabited by His salvation. Salvation is for today and it is best understood by the heart. When they say “Give your heart” to the Lord, they mean  that your heart should be filled with Him. Trust me, when Jesus is truly your number one, your life is not the same. Step into the Lord’s salvation, close the door behind you and stay there. Your life will never be the same.

I love how Jesus sent us His Spirit so we could have a captain that helps us navigate through this new life. We too often omit to include the Holy Spirit in what we do. We unconsciously sabotage our salvation because a life lived without the Spirit of God is a life that is not reaching the potential of His salvation. The Holy Spirit should be at the center of our lives. We invited Him into our lives. He came into our temples. If we ignore Him every day, He won’t feel welcome. The Holy Spirit is a Person and He should be invited every day. Better yet, He should be expected to stay. I believe that once He is invited into our house, we ought to turn the keys over to Him. He has the right to become the head of our home and to rule our space. He is the best counselor, the best coach and the best guide. As the head of our home, He can transform us from the inside out and usher us into a life where Jesus is celebrated and where the fruit of the Spirit is always growing.

That transformation is out of this world. That is the kind of life we are expected to have. Salvation is that life. A life where King Jesus is king, not just in words but in truth and in spirit. There has to be a heart connection, a love connection, a spirit connection. The Holy Spirit can show us how to live out our salvation so surrendering to Him is very important. What does that look like? It looks like the best life ever. A life where Jesus is on a pedestal is as good as it gets. Glorify Him. Magnify Him. Exalt Him. He will influence your life in a powerful way. You will experience the beauty and the majesty of the King on a new level.

Your life will never be the same. The Holy Spirit gives us assurance and confidence. He helps us develop boldness in the Lord and He gives us the ability to walk in power in the life of salvation. Give Him your undivided attention and He will open your spiritual eyes to lessons that will teach you how to live according to Jesus. You will be taught how to love more and how to be more like Jesus. Love is a huge part of salvation. It is the essence of salvation and when you partner with the Holy Spirit, His love is poured into your heart and you can’t help but love. You will start looking at people in a pure and holy way.

Get excited. You will understand that the Lord loves absolutely everyone and He doesn’t discriminate. You look in the eyes of the people you can’t stand and you will hear how much Jesus loves them. Your life will never be the same. The Spirit of God will give you the power to face any trial and tribulation. You will be equipped to deal with the unpredictable snares of the enemy. The Holy Spirit will change your attitude and your perspective. You will think that the world has changed when in reality the new life in new is giving you new eyes and new strength. My prayer is that you get to live out your salvation and that the Holy Spirit is comfortably sitting in your temple and that your spirit is dripping with His fruit daily. Let Jesus be the center and your life will never be the same!

Suggested reading: John 14:26; Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Corinthians 6:19

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