Call upon the Lord and He will deliver you

God has made many promises. One of them is that if we call upon His name we will be saved. Those who call upon the name of the Lord will be delivered. This powerful promise applies to every situation of captivity in our lives. Anything that is negative and that is holding us hostage is a situation of captivity. It doesn’t have to be an actual physical hostage situation but any situation that keeps us in bondage is a situation of captivity. Anything that hinders our progress, anything that brings pain, suffering and anxiety falls under the captivity category. Bondage and captivity are powerless before the Lord. They can be strongholds that can’t defeat on our own but they are no threat to the Lord. If you are in a situation of captivity today, I am here to tell you that if you call upon the name of the Lord, you will be delivered. You are going to be free. What seemed impossible to conquer will fall and crumble before you when you call upon the Lord.

What does calling upon the Lord entail? When you call someone, you talk to them. You try to engage in some conversation. You try to establish a form of communication. Calling upon the Lord is establishing and maintaining communication with Him. It’s not a one time thing. It’s the expression of a relationship with Him. Praying is calling upon the Lord and we are encouraged to be fervent in prayer and to persevere. In other words, we are encouraged to stay in contact with God. We ought to talk to Him all the time. When we make that call, He answers. We call Him because we know Him and we expect Him to answer. He promised two major things; He said that when we knock, He will answer the door and He also said that He answers before we call Him. He knows what we need and He knows what we want. It is up to us to call Him and to maintain communication with Him.

I call upon the Lord every day. Not because I need something but because I just love Him. I love talking to Him and hearing from Him. He is so good and so loving. When I am stressed and anxiety is trying to get to me, I call upon the Lord. Not only does He save me from the stress and the fear but He also delivers me from the negative situation that brought on the anxiety. God can take care of us in ways that no one else can. Do you know of anyone who can deliver you from angst, from worry and from your problems? When we call upon the Lord, He goes into action. When we call upon the Lord, He comforts us and tells us that He has already answered us.

Call upon the Lord, friend. Not once but all the time. Make it a habit to be in touch with Him. Get to know Him. Learn about His love. Learn about how He is our refuge in times of trouble and our Father all the time. He will deliver you. No matter what you are facing today, God can make a way. God can take you out of your misery and put you in a place of peace and delivery. He will give birth to a new part of your life where you will be enjoying the beauty of His love and where your faith will be amplified. Trust Him. He can save you from anything! Call upon Him. He will hear you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 50:15; Isaiah 65:24; Matthew 7:7

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