Hope in the Lord

Nothing is more upsetting to the enemy than seeing believers maintaining their hope in the Lord. The devil wants to destroy hope and put us all in a ditch of despair far from the Lord, far from hope and far from love. He doesn’t care about believers who are not connected to God. Those are no threat to him but those who hold on fast and who won’t give up are a menace in his eyes. I am not advocating doing all we can to aggravate the enemy. I am more in favor of focusing on the Lord, on His message of hope and on getting to know Him more and more.

All the negative things that the enemy does should not be what we spend our time focusing on. Bad things do take place and we can’t ignore them but we should be solution-oriented and not problem-oriented. We should be God-minded and not negativity-minded. We should be driven by hope and not stalled by fear. Hope in the Lord is a powerful tool to have. It influences our mindset and it strengthens our hearts. Today I want to encourage you to hang on to hope in Jesus. As this new week starts, make Jesus your hope. He will help you throughout the week. He will bless you and He will show you that with hope in Him you can do anything!

Can you imagine living a life where hope in Jesus is your anchor and nothing can bring you down? It is a life that belongs to you. The Lord gave you hope. It is in your heart. It might be buried right now but you can unearth it and you can use it every day. Hope in the Lord is like a super power that God made available to us. I say super power because it is out of this world. It is not like human hope that hinges on circumstances. It is grounded in Jesus who transcends all circumstances. No matter how horrible things get, hope in Jesus doesn’t get discouraged. It sees possibilities where the world sees eternal problems. It sees a way out where the world sees no exit signs. It sees victory where the world sees defeat. Hope in Jesus can change your thinking and it can change your circumstances.

Hope in Jesus is the fuse that ignites faith. When you have hope, faith takes over. Continued hope is necessary. When you have hope in Jesus, you can be hit by doubt and fear but you won’t go down. You won’t submit to the evil requests of discouragement and you won’t be defeated. Hope in Jesus is more powerful than any fiery darts of the enemy. You see, hope in Jesus is centered on the One who died on the cross and came back to life. It is hope in the power of resurrection. That power is invincible. It can’t be stopped and it can’t be conquered. Keep your hope in Jesus strong and you will keep your hope in life and miracles strong!

This week, control your thoughts by reminding yourself that Jesus is the hope of the world and that He is the hope that is going to make things right in your life. If something bad happens, let your first words be words of hope. Encourage yourself by talking about the hope who can do all things. Encourage yourself by declaring that there is always hope no matter what. Hope in Jesus will never die. Hope in Jesus is always worth it and it is always a strong force that brings change and miracles. Your faith in Jesus will always heal your situations. Your faith in Jesus will always activate the hand of the Lord. Keep your hopes up! Focus on Jesus all week. Hope changes everything, even the most desperate situations. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: 1 Thessalonians 1:3; Ephesians 1:18;  1 Peter 1:13

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