Ruling in life with Christ

It’s so encouraging to know that when we have a relationship with the Lord, we are transformed. We become more like Him. It is the best goal we can have in life. To be more like Jesus is the goal that beats all the other goals. It is better than having riches or having great looks. Jesus is everything. The King of kings wants us to be more like Him and He makes it possible. Do you know of many kings that enable their people to become more like them? Kings rule and dominate and they want to be the utmost ruler most of the time. They don’t want to share their title and their power with anyone else. They will pass on their legacy to their heirs but as long as they are kings, they are not looking to be imitated or to rule with other people. Jesus gives us His authority. We have His authority through the power of His name that we can use any time. We are heirs to His kingdom but we don’t have to wait until Heaven to rule with Him. The key idea is to be ruling with Him. We have the power to stay on top of our lives with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the Lord on our sides. Our lives should be governed by the Lord. It is primordial. In order for Him to be the ruler of our lives, we have to declare Him over everything. We have a role to play. We can’t be passive. The Bible talks a lot about our confessions and the power of our words. What we say can break or make us. We are encouraged to use the Lord’s words and to speak in agreement with His Word. That is how we rule in our lives with Him. We do the talking, the believing and the expecting and He makes things come to pass. Today I am inviting you to rule with the Lord in your life. Let Him dominate your life and be the voice of His majesty and sovereignty in your life.

A ruler is someone who exercises government or dominion. The Lord has the right to be the ruler of our lives but we too often rule on our own or we let other things or people rule in our lives. When we are addicted to something, the object of our addiction can be ruling our lives. When we have idols, we let them rule our lives. Idols can be people, places or things. They can be anything that takes so much space in our lives that they are seen as gods. I think sometimes we have idols that we can’t identify and when we explore our lives with the light of the Gospel, those idols are discovered. I do trust that studying the Word of God on a regular basis allows us to lead lives that are more in par with what God desires for us. We are taught that we are not meant to exalt anyone and anything above God. We are taught that love is the most powerful force in the universe. We are taught that we are not meant to be victims in this life but we are meant to rule with the Lord. This happens when we collaborate with Him and we walk hand in hand with Him. When we are the mouthpiece of the Lord like I mentioned earlier, there is a strong union that takes place. We speak on His behalf over our lives. We speak in accordance to His will over our lives. We imitate Him and honor Him in our lives. Let’s give the Lord a chance to govern over our lives and to give us the life that He has planned for us.

Ruling with God implies giving up on our ego. The Lord has to come first. He has to be the most important part of our lives. He has to be the King on the throne of our lives which entails some sacrifices. They are in our best interests and they are the best adjustments we can make. We ought to recognize His power and His majesty. We need to get to know Him the best way we can. Getting a clearer picture of how amazing and how powerful He is is very helpful. Why? Because we understand that no matter how bad our lives get, God is still on the throne. No matter how miserable we can be, God is still God. No matter how desperate we become, God is still the King of hope. No matter how much we hurt, God is still the Healer. You and I can rule in life when we are constantly aware that the Lord is King and that our words, our disposition and our hearts should reflect that. Let’s banish discouragement, words of failure, negative words and negative attitudes. God is King. Everything will be just fine. God is King. All evil and negativity have to bow before Him. Rule over them with the power of your words. Use the name of Jesus and you will see victory. Rule with Christ!

Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 3:18; Galatians 3:29; Revelation 5:10

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