Nothing can separate you from God’s love

Nothing can separate you from God’s love. Even when your mind plays tricks on you and takes you miles and miles away from God, His love is still present. You could go to the ends of the earth. You could sin a million times. You could lose hope. You could lose faith. Nothing, absolutely nothing could separate you from the love of God. Pain and suffering can’t separate you from the love of God. Trials and tribulations can separate you from the love of God. Problems and difficulties can’t stand between you and God’s love. Wherever you are today. Wherever you stand, remember that God’s love is standing with you and your current mess is no match to God’s love. Your past mistakes, your present doubts and your future failures cannot separate you from God’s love. Today I want to emphasize how God’s love can’t fail, how it can’t let you down and how it will never leave your side. You must have heard it a thousand times but I will repeat it; nothing you do, think or say can make God love you less. He adores you. He loves you and that will never change.

The other day I had a massive headache. It was one of those sinus headaches that make you want to go home from work. I felt that way but I stayed at work. It was a very bad headache but I have a very good God. He reminded me that the pain from the headache doesn’t separate me from His love. I meditated on that for a few minutes. It is a powerful truth. It is comforting and soothing. The headache was still there but the awareness of a love that defies the worst things in this world was helping a lot. What was I to do with that reminder? I decided to focus on Jesus and to thank Him for His never-ending love. I had a lot to celebrate. I had a reason to be at peace. I had a reason to have joy. I spent some time focusing on the positive. Yes, I had a headache that wouldn’t go away but the Lord that is closer than a human father was with me and He was going to still be there long after the headache was gone. I had a choice. I could continue to keep my eyes on Him or I could let the headache ruin this moment of awakening and bliss. Bliss is what I felt despite the pain. Peace is what invaded me despite the hurt. Love is what healed me. As time went by, I felt better and better. God’s love heals and it comforts. I found the comfort I needed. The love of God is always the answer. The headache posed a problem and love had an answer.

Difficulties are real headaches. I think the pain I was feeling was symbolic of the times when my problems were painful but God’s love was still there. I made it through the hard times thanks to His love. I will continue to make it through hard times thanks to His love. Friend, you will as well. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. God’s love is glued to you. God’s love is covering you. You are blessed and you are protected by the One who gave His life so you could have an amazing life in Him. Your God loves you more than you will ever know. Rely on Him. His love will bless you and change your life. Count on His love. Count on His promises. Count on His blessings. You are going to make it. God’s love will make sure you do. You are not going to be in this predicament forever. Change is coming and God’s love is transitioning you into a season where you will recognize His love and experience it on a daily basis. Nothing, absolutely nothing can separate you from God’s love!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:6; Jeremiah 1:19;  Romans 8:31-39

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