Getting help from Heaven

The more I pray and the more I get direction and guidance. It is just amazing how much the Spirit of God talks and how caring He is. When we acknowledge Him in all we do, He assists us in all we do. We have a Helper like no other. We have the help of the Holy Spirit available to us 24/7. We ought to develop an ear for the things of the Spirit. Spending time in close communication with God is how we can get used to hearing His voice and understanding what He is telling us. One thing that is made clear to me is that God is always on my side and He wants what’s best for me. I can be stubborn and try to follow my own understanding but His will and His guidance are always best. I have been working on listening to the Holy Spirit for everything in my life. He is always willing to help and my days are filled with pockets where I recognize that He is a helper more and more. He gets into those pockets and guide me when I let Him. Friend, God will assist you and help you in every area of your life. Thank God you have a helper. Thank God you are not alone!

When someone helps you, you see hope. You see possibilities and you feel comforted. The Spirit of God does that. He brings comfort and security. He shows us that there is a world of possibilities that we can enter through faith. God helps us when we allow Him and He builds doors and opens them so we can go right into His sphere of blessings. What God can do for us is way bigger than anything we can imagine. What we need to do is be open and embrace His willingness to bless us. We limit what happens to us when we limit how much we believe or how much we give to the Lord. By giving I mean how much we surrender to God. I love turning things over to God. When I get into a predicament, I put the whole situation in God’s hands before I let worry and panic get the most of me. It’s not always the case but it is becoming easier and easier. Crying for help has become more natural. The Helper loves to assist and His soothing voice is there to alleviate the pain and the anxiety. No matter how big the trial is, God can help and assist.

What do you need help with today? What are you dealing with today? The Holy Spirit has answers and solutions for you today. He knows that nothing is impossible to God and He can’t be intimidated. Pray. Pray for help. Pray and let go of the issues. Give it to God and accept the assistance. The Holy Spirit will first reassure you and He will hug you. Have you ever received a hug from the Lord? I trust that He hugs us in different ways but His words of encouragement always feel like a strong spiritual hug to me. They lift up my spirits and they put me at peace. All is not lost. With the Lord you will get the help you need. Help from Heaven is here. When you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, He gives you inside information that allows you to navigate through the toughest situations. He makes a way. He sends angels to minister to you. He does whatever it takes to take care of you. There is much more help for you than you imagine. Ask and you shall receive. Ask and He will explain. Ask and the help will materialize. Ask and you will be comforted. Ask and you will see a new way. Ask and God will take care of everything. Help from Heaven is on the way. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 121:2; Matthew 7:7; John 14:13-14


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