God will restore what was stolen

One of the nuggets that came to me yesterday was about how our God is a God of restoration. The enemy is a thief and God is a giver. The enemy only wants to steal and God wants to give. He gave His Son so we could have life in abundance. The enemy steals our peace so we end up with a life full of worry. God gives peace that is the total opposite of the worry and stress the enemy gives us. There are times when the stress can be so high that we can’t think and we can’t breathe. Those awful experiences are never from God. What God gives is always good. I have heard people say that God punishes and gives us hard seasons and periods of worry and stress. Those things are not what He plans for us. What He has for us is restoration. What the devil takes from us, the Lord can give it back to us and more. God is solidly grounded in goodness and love and He will always see us through the worst times when we trust Him. If your peace and your joy have been taken from you today, I am inviting you to go to God and know that He is going to restore what was lost and build you up even more. All the situations that have brought you grief and pain are going to be replaced by seasons of joy and peace. Peace is going to come. Joy is not gone forever. If you have never experienced them before, you are in for a treat because the Lord almighty, the giver of all givers, is going to supply joy and peace that is out of this world. He is going to shake your world and do what seems impossible. God will restore what was stolen from you.

When you have lived your whole life without peace or when you haven’t had peace in a while, it is almost impossible to understand what peace is. The enemy can steal your peace and keep it captive for a very long time. Then what you do is look at what others have and get an idea of what peace should be like. I believe that God has some custom made peace for you and what you will experience will be a great blessing for you. First you need to be exposed to the God of restoration. God repairs and fixes anything and everything. Think about what was accomplished through the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus. The world was lost and its future was doomed and broken forever. There was no hope for eternal life. However, God took death and terminated it. He put an end to what ended people so to speak. He took the most impossible thing to fix and fixed it. Jesus died and rose again. Jesus did the impossible. He restored life. He brought a hope that had never existed before. God’s restoration was out of this world and it stayed in the world. Now we can receive eternal life when we accept Jesus into our hearts. Life was stolen from us but Jesus restored it. If God can restore life, He can restore anything that is part of life. Your joy, your peace, your strength, your hope, your positivity, your appreciation for life. God can bring it all back or give it all of those amazing blessings to you for the first time. He can fix anything. Absolutely anything!

Why is the enemy after our peace and joy? Because they connect us to God and they are our strength. When you have peace, you can stand on hope more easily. When you have joy, you have the strength of the Lord in you. If you have been robbed, go to the One who can help. Cry out to God. Ask Him for restoration. Ask for justice. He will listen to you. He is always ready and willing to help. God has what it takes to repair the damages that were done to your life. He will not only patch up the holes but He will also give you new beginnings and new blessings.You might be completely broken today but your brokenness is not intimidating God. You are a great vessel and God knows how to mend you. Soon you will be able to pour His love into others as you were meant to do. Peace and joy will be restored. Stay strong. God will restore what was stolen!

Suggested reading: Joel 2:25-26; mark 11:24; 1 Peter 5:10

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