Trust the Lord with all your heart

“Trust the Lord with all your heart” is a powerful recommendation. There is no one else we should trust more. No one compares to Him and no one deserves all our trust. I can’t think of any reasons not to trust the Lord but yet my mind gets in the way and emotions and feelings try to stall me and make me think twice. When it comes to God there should be no thinking and no reasoning. Blind faith is ideal. It’s not an easy goal to achieve but it is feasible. There must be a spectrum of faith. There is a continuum and we all fall somewhere within that range. I know some people who are far up there on the continuum. They are great inspirations. I remind myself that this is not a competition and that we all grow at our own pace. We are heading in the direction of blind faith. Faith that expresses how much we trust the Lord with all our hearts. 

It is a faith that leaves no room for doubt. A faith that can’t be cracked because it is rock solid. A faith that is based on Jesus and that knows that He is the Son of God and that He died for our sins. A faith that sees Jesus as the ultimate Savior and deliverer. A faith that doesn’t need to be told that God will see you through because it is a given. A faith that just knows. It always knows. A faith that invades your heart with trust in Jesus and with peace. With faith comes peace. With faith comes joy and with faith comes love. When you trust the Lord with all your heart, you have a lot of love, peace and joy in your heart. You are highly influenced by the beautiful traits of the Lord. They become a part of you. Having faith in the Lord is extremely important and extremely powerful because it leaves a mark of the Lord on you. His fingerprints are on your life and you live your life for Him. Today I want to encourage you to trust the Lord with all your heart.

Trusting the Lord with all our hearts implies that we don’t rely on our own understanding. We leave it all up to the Lord. We lean on Him. We lean on His wisdom. We lean on His truth. We lean on His promises. We live in a state of total dependence on Him. We walk by faith and not by sight. We walk by His truth and not by the world’s lies. We walk by His promises and we don’t get bothered by the world’s disappointments. How do we get to the point where we trust the Lord completely? First we have to find out about the Lord’s promises, His wisdom and His understanding. What does God say and think about life and the world? How does He see everything? What is His understanding of life? Well, He is the creator of everything, the creator of life. He has a great understanding of it all. 

God has a handle on everything because everything comes from Him. He knows the ins and outs of life. He conquered death. He knows all about surviving, winning against death and having an abundant life. If you are looking for definitions for life and death, turn to the Lord. He will tell you that life is in His hands and death has no power over Him. God has control over everything and He can modify, change and alter anything in your life. Your life might be like a living hell right now but know that God almighty can turn into Heaven on earth. There is nothing that can stop Him from blessing you with the best. Trust Him. Learn about Him in His Word so you have a solid foundation for what to trust and believe. Keep studying the Word. It is a study that will never end. You can find out new things about God every day. You can have new reasons to trust the Lord with all your heart every day.

Fill your heart with God. It’s easy to be filled with fear and confusion but being filled with God requires you to refuse to be afraid. It is a decision that you are going to follow God no matter what. God is in your praises so praise Him all the time. You will make your heart glad and you will fill it with His presence. Fill your heart with Jesus. Pray as often as you can. Talk to the Lord as often as you can. Let Him be a big part of your life. We trust those we know well. If you want to trust the Lord with all your heart, get to know Him better. Give Him your heart. Spend time with Him. Rebuke the feelings that are trying to separate you from Him. Fill your heart with thanksgiving. Thank God that He can be trusted with all your heart. 

Thank God that He is faithful and that He won’t let you down. I love saying that to myself. I declare how the Lord can be trusted. I say it out loud. I let myself hear it and it boosts my faith. Don’t trust your mind and your understanding of how things are going to go unless you are allowing the Lord to have control of your understanding. Your heart deserves the best and God is the best you can have in your heart. Keep on walking with Him and trusting Him. Look at your trials and tribulations as stepping stones for trusting God. I know that things can get bad but those hard times can be great excuses to trust the Lord with all your heart. You will come out of them stronger in your faith. Stay encouraged and trust Jesus with all your heart!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 37:5; Ephesians 1:12

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