Don’t give up on hope

Someone once told me that as long as there is life, there is hope. I like to add that as long as there is Jesus, there is hope. Jesus is always there and He is not going away. He will never ever stop to exist. The Lord has always been and He will always be. As long as you are alive and you have Jesus, there is hope. I would even say that as long as you are alive, there is hope even if you don’t have Jesus. Why? His mercy and grace are for everyone. Think about how you and I got saved. Think about the biggest miracle in our lives when we received salvation. We didn’t know the Lord before. He took care of us. He came to us. He set us free. As long as there is Jesus, there is hope. This means a lot to everyone. It means a lot to the people in your life. People who are not saved. There is hope for them. Don’t give up on them. Don’t give up on hope. Period. You might be climbing the biggest mountain you have ever

climbed today. You might be facing the biggest trial of your life today. You might be in so much pain that you are hating today. Don’t give up. Keep on climbing. Keep on being strong. Keep on praying for healing. Keep on believing. Jesus is still Jesus and He is climbing that mountain with you. Jesus is still Jesus and He is giving you strength. Jesus is still Jesus and He is healing you. He bore our infirmities on the cross. He has a plan for your healing. Don’t give up on hope. Jesus is the hope for all humanity. Hold on to the hope of hopes. Hold on to the One who can save anyone and who can get you out of your present and future tribulations. There is always hope. Stay focused on hope and refuse to give in to fear, worry and despair. Resist them and protect yourself with the shield of hope. Don’t give up. Jesus is still Jesus!

I know how easy it is to give up. It takes no effort. It’s natural and it feels right. Hope is not what we see when our problems are staring us in the face. Problems can cause a lot of fear and as we know, fear is the enemy of faith. The Bible talks about our enemies and I strongly believe that fear is one of our biggest enemies because it separates us from God. It makes us walk away from Him. It blinds us and it paralyzes us. We could have the best Bible knowledge and be full of wisdom but if fear is keeping us captive, all we know doesn’t matter. The goal is to insert hope in everything we think, we say, we believe and we do. Hope should be the common denominator that makes all equations right. Hope should be placed in the holes that fear is trying to magnify. Every little bit of fear can turn into a big hole of unbelief if we don’t take care of it. What do we do then? We press on with hope. We start the day with hope, spend the day with hope and end the day with hope. We start the day with Jesus, spend the day with Jesus and end the day with Jesus. We speak up against our circumstances and we speak Jesus over our lives. Hope is a catalyst for Jesus so to speak. When you allow hope to be your go-to modus operatus, you give Jesus a chance to show up and show off like I like to say. He shows off by manifesting His love. He doesn’t brag. He just displays His power and His love for you. Hope gives us a seat in the stadium of faith where we can watch life with trust in the Lord and with an anticipation that everything is going to be just fine.

Don’t give up on hope. That is what the enemy wants you to do. Call on Jesus all the time. He will show you that in life there is no reason to worry and no reason to fear because He is the creator of life and He knows how to protect you and bless you. When fear knocks at your door, answer with hope. Answer with Jesus. Know and trust that He is with you and in you. His Spirit will always assist you. Keep your mind clear of anything that doesn’t exalt Jesus. Anything that tries to block the fruit of the Spirit in your life has to go. Love, faith, hope, joy and all the other fruit are a basket of power. It is power that makes us triumph in this world. The power fruit will get you through the day by keeping your emotions in check and keeping you centered in the hope of hopes. Don’t give up on hope, friend. The best is yet to come. You are not going to be in this miserable state forever. Hope is with you. Hope is in you. Give hope a chance and praise the Lord for hope. Be grateful for hope. Jesus is still Jesus. You are going to make it. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Titus 3:7; Romans 8:24-25; Romans 12:12

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