Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance

I was reading my Bible the other day and I came across the verse that says, “Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.” It is at the beginning of the book of Jude. This book is about the ungodly people but the verse I just mentioned precedes the description of those people. It is like a greeting, a nice wish for all. It is always uplifting when someone addresses us by wishing great things for us. When was the last time you wished mercy, peace and love to someone? I have to say that it is not a common wish for me but I see that I should wish those wonderful things more often. Today I am going to talk about mercy, peace and love and how we can receive them in abundance. I am using the verse from the book of Jude as a prayer these days. It is a prayer for everyone I know and a prayer for the world. The world needs to know that God is merciful. The world needs peace, without a doubt, and the world needs love. Mercy, peace and love are missing all over the world. Mercy is not common knowledge. God’s mercy exists and it is not going away but many people are not familiar with it and they live lives where perdition is all they know and hope is completely gone. Peace nowadays is much more precious than gold and love has been stabbed in the heart by the acts of hatred and violent words of discrimination and rejection. As Christ followers we can help establish faith in God’s mercy, restore faith and brandish the power of love wherever we go. 

I once read a definition of mercy that resonated with me. The definition states that mercy is a love that responds to human need in an unexpected or unmerited way. God’s mercy is His love for us that covers our sins. It is forgiveness. We don’t deserve it and yet the Lord makes it available to us. Jesus demonstrated mercy by healing the sick, by loving everyone and by dying on the cross for all of us. His mercy, His powerful love for us, is still here and it is still part of what we can expect when we are in a relationship with Him. There is mercy for you and me today. God has it and He bestows it upon us. His mercy is a free gift that changes our lives. I want to be more aware of His mercy. I want to praise Him and thank Him every day for His mercy. I have mentioned a few times how the enemy uses sin and guilt to separate us from God. God’s mercy brings us close to God. It bridges the gap between Him and us by going over our sins and pushing them down so we can walk freely toward the Father. It is not the walk of shame but the walk of forgiveness as the Father waits for us with open arms. Talk about the Lord’s mercy. Make it known. Spread its truth. Teach it to the people in your life. God’s love has the power to connect you to God no matter what you did in the past. Embrace His mercy and may it be abundant in your life.

Imagine receiving God’s love in abundance. It is possible. It takes an act of faith and acceptance. Sometimes accepting love is hard but when we get to know the Lord, we get to understand that He is love and accepting Him is agreeing with His love and mercy and letting them rule our lives. We are ruled by all sorts of doctrines and ideas that are not filled with love. We don’t get an abundance of God’s love because of those ideologies that “want us to be good before God can be good to us.” We don’t have to be kind and good for God to love us. We don’t have to do anything. He loves us unconditionally and nothing can ever change that. With His love comes peace. He has a peace that surpasses all understanding. When I get into praise and worship mode, I experience that peace. I do know that it is not temporary and that it lives forever. God’s peace is an ocean of serenity that is waiting for people to get on the boat of faith and sail across His tranquility. Invite His peace into your life by trusting that it exists. Ask the Lord for peace. He will give it to you in abundance. Shift your thinking about peace. God is the source of it and not your circumstances or your feelings. Peace is beyond your emotions. It is a fruit of the Spirit and a gift from God. Receive it today in abundance. Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance as you lift up the name of Jesus every day and you hold on to His promises.

Suggested reading: Psalm 86:5; Hebrews 4:16; Jude 2

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