With God nothing is ever too late

I was drawn to John chapter 11 the other day. It has to do with Lazarus being resurrected from the dead. It is such a powerful testimony to the Lord’s love and to His power. Jesus loved Lazarus and He was filled with compassion when He saw that He had died. He was so moved that He cried. Jesus wept. It is almost inconceivable that the Son of God could cry and yet He did. He felt bad and He felt sad. Mary, Lazarus’ sister had a strong and normal reaction when she saw Jesus. She fell at His feet but then she said “If only you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Isn’t it how we often react? Don’t we believe that God arrived too late and that if He had come before, things would have been fine? “If only God had stepped in earlier”, we say. “If only God had acted before,” we cry out. The truth that shakes us is that God is never too late and never too early. What seemed like a hopeless situation to Mary, was not a dead situation for the Lord. Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. Did that stop Jesus? Certainly not. The One who was going to conquer death knew that He could bring Lazarus back to life. Now, think of Lazarus as a situation in your life that appears to be impossible to fix. Think of something that happened 4 days ago so to speak and that looks completely hopeless today. A situation void of joy and peace. A situation that is in critical condition. Present that situation to the Lord. Change your thinking and don’t proclaim that God is too late. Renew your mind by untangling your thoughts with the comb of hope and faith. What is presented by the world as being too late is not too late for God. Put it in His hands and He will make things happen. When you trust Him, He can speak into your lifeless circumstances and bring them back to life.

I can think of a dozen situations in my life when hope was gone and I had reached the point of no return. In those tough situations there was no way out and no exit. I looked for the staircase that would take me outside of those buildings of problems but I could never find them. It’s in those moments of desperation that God showed up and proved to be caring more than I could imagine. His grace and His mercy have been umerited but they always take control of the situations. Looking back I can see that at times no one came to my rescue right away but with time, with God’s timing, the rescue was always there. It was late in my mind but it was right on time for God. We sometimes go through long seasons, long, long winters but then we jump from cold weather to summer. God does that. He can turn our toughest seasons into the most beautiful summer time. This is why I want to encourage you to hang in there and hold on to Jesus. Go to His feet and praise Him. Go to His feet and wait. Wait on His perfect timing. Wait for His intervention and cherish Him in the meantime. Don’t let your bad season give you a bitter taste. You will taste the honey and the milk again. The promise of your best days has not expired. It is renewed every day. Every morning the Lord sings over you and He is faithful. His angels are with you and you are still blessed and favored. Bad seasons don’t mean you have a bad life. The accumulation of the misery and the pain in your life can leave you hopeless but God is going to change that. He is going to pour blessings after blessings and wipe away those tears. It is never too late with the Lord!

If you think that it is too late and that your struggle will not end, let me tell you that God has a timetable that is going to reverse every bad thing that you have experienced. Get on His timetable. Get on the timetable of hope. Don’t lose hope. Don’t get discouraged. The Lord sees you. The Lord wept when He saw your suffering as He was hanging on the cross. He also rose again and saw the end of your pain. It is coming. It is not too late for it to happen. Take courage. Something amazing is coming your way and Jesus Christ is sponsoring that beautiful event. Know that Jesus adores you. He has felt your tears and He has visited your fears. He knows how you are feeling. He knows what you are going through and He definitely knows that this is not the end. With God nothing is ever too late. Keep your hopes high. Remember you are dealing with the Creator of the universe. Nothing is impossible to Him. Ever!

Suggested reading: Psalm 63:2; John 11:33-44; 2 Corinthians 3:18


3 thoughts on “With God nothing is ever too late

  1. “Don’t lose hope. Don’t get discouraged. The Lord sees you.” I am hanging on to your wise words! “Be still and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10! I am trying and the Lord is so faithful in His provision, His mercy, and grace. We are so well cared for. Thank you, Jesus!! Thank you for this powerful post and God bless you and continue to give you words of inspiration to write. We need more of Him in this world!! Have a beautiful day!!

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