Just between you and God

There is a private zone where no one should be allowed. A zone between you and God. A space that is so sacred that no one should be given permission to visit or to hang around that private sanctuary. I like the idea of a spiritual sanctuary and that is what I call the private space with God. Do you have a spiritual sanctuary? A place where it is just you and God? It is not a physical space but it is a zone where your thoughts, your ideas, your prayers, your intentions, your principles live. It is a space for just you and God. You talk to Him in that space and you hear from Him in that space with no human interference. This place of intimacy is a refuge and a fortress. It is a zone where God can always be found and where you can always find peace. When I first started praying and fellowshipping with the Lord, that zone was created. I didn’t know what to call it and what to make of it but it was apparent that I had a refuge where I could go anytime of the day and it made a difference. I have kept my secret place secret. I protect it from men’s ideologies and doctrines. It is just me and God and I cherish every moment spent in that space. Today I want to encourage you to maintain a space, a zone where it is just you and the Lord. Have the spiritual sanctuary that is reserved for you and God.

God is sacred and He is unique and amazing in all His ways. He can’t be put on the same level as men and He can’t be treated the way we treat men. He deserves our praise and He deserves our worship. We should exalt Him and reverence Him. Putting Him on a pedestal is not a mistake. It is not wrong. It is what we should do. It doesn’t mean that God is unattainable. He is very close to us and He is easy to reach. He is closer than our hearts and closer than our minds. He is right here in us through His Spirit and He never ever leaves us. We have access to Him 24/7 and we should be more God-minded than world-minded. I believe that we often let the world take over our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts and our reasoning. We get too logic-oriented using the logic of the world. It is God’s mind and logic that we should be after. The only way we can get to share His mind is by focusing on Him and having an intimate relationship with Him. A relationship where His ideas and His thoughts are passed on to us and we accept them and embrace them. It would be hard to be in a relationship with someone we barely know. Let’s take the time to know the Lord. Let’s take the time to let His Spirit invade our world and fill us with the presence of the Lord.

There are secrets that God wants to reveal. Some are overt, some are hidden in His Word and some are uttered by His Spirit. There are rumors circulating about God. Those rumors depict a picture of Him that is void of the truth or that is a pale imitation of who He is. The goal of having a special space for you and the Lord is to destroy the rumors and for you to get to the truth of who He is. You can hear about God, read about God and think about God but until you are actively engaged in the process of getting to know Him, you will not get to hear His secrets. They can be presented to you in many different ways but unless you have a heart connection with God, the secrets won’t reveal themselves to your spirit. You have to dig deeper and think with faith as your guiding light. It can get pretty dark when we try to find God’s treasures because the enemy tries to make everything confusing and obscure. I am a big fan of praise and worship and I know that when we do praise and worship, the Lord is there and His secrets get revealed. He shows you His love, His peace and His joy. Those are wonderful parts of who He is. Parts that some people never get to know because they are missing that precious connection. Remember to have a space that is just for you and God. Get closer to Him. He will draw near to you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 33:3; Colossian 2:8; James 4:8


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