At the 11th hour

Hope in the darkness is definitely a good theme for this year. It has been such a dark year and yet God has shined His hope through the dark clouds. I have seen more hope this year than I did last year. I believe that the darker it gets the most powerful the light of hope is. When you are in a room that is pitch black and you see a tiny light piercing through, that light is such an inspiration and sometimes it is an unexpected gift. Sometimes we stay in the dark for a long time and when we are ready to give up, God does something that reverses everything. He is not a late God but He often shows up at the 11th hour when all hope is almost gone. The expression “at the 11th hour” comes from the Bible. It is taken from the parable of the workers in the vineyard. It is one of Jesus’ parables and the gist of it is that God saves by grace and when He does, at what seems like the last minute, it is truly His timing. We are encouraged to keep going and to keep hoping because it is not over until the Lord says it’s over. When He says it’s over, He is in charge of the narrative and He makes things happen. Let’s stay strong in faith and hope for God’s best. Let’s stay strong in faith and know that at the 11th hour, everything can change. Your 11th hour might take a bit longer to arrive but it will be here. God is going to change your situation. Don’t give up!

There is nothing more discouraging than to wait for something that never comes. It can be a very frustrating process. It is often the case when we have a timeline and we expect things to take place based on our timeline. I have learned that my timeline can be very different from God’s. When I make up my mind and decide to let His timing be my timing, things are much better. I can have more peace and I can have more hope. God will always do something when we put everything in His hands and we let ourselves be handled with (His) care. I wish I could take care of my situations and make them right on my own but I can’t. I can’t and I am not expected to. I try my best to not adhere to the enemy’s expectations because they can throw me off and they can take down the road of disappointment. God’s got this and I have to remind myself that no matter what comes my way, He is still in control. That 11th hour will turn my world upside down and it is up to the Lord to define what that hour will look like. It is not my decision. God will do exceedingly more than we can imagine and that 11th hour can make us forget the pain of the 10 hours we had before. That’s how powerful and amazing our God is.

At the last hour everything can change for the best. The long road that has led you up to here might have been difficult and hard to travel but the Lord is going to flatten the bumps on your road and make a way for you. Hold on to your faith. Hold it tight and don’t let go of it. Your faith is never in vain. Your trials and your circumstances will tell you that you should throw in the towel but ignore their chatter. Pay attention to what faith has to say. Faith is saying everything is going to work out for the best because the Lord is coordinating everything. Give Him a chance to finish the work and you will see that your faith was right all along. Faith is never wrong but we are the ones who give up on it too soon. Remember that faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen. You don’t have to see with your natural eyes or with your mind what the 11th hour looks like. God has seen it and with faith you can see it as well. Your time to have a breakthrough and to see your blessing come to pass is not out of the question. Don’t question it and don’t doubt it. Question your doubts. Refuse to yield to them. The 11th hour is part of your destiny. God will make a way. Stay strong and stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:19; Proverbs 16:3; Matthew 20:1-16

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