Declare your victory

Declare your victory. Declare your victory through the Lord. Speak of it. Let it be your reality because it is the Lord’s reality. Your victory might not materialize today but it is here in the name of Jesus and you can talk about it as a fait accompli. In the Lord’s eyes it is a done deal. There is nothing that the Lord can’t do for you and when you bring your problems to Him, solutions is all He sees. Victory is all He knows. Winning is in His DNA and deliverance is always available. Let me say it again. With the Lord Jesus Christ, deliverance is always available. It won’t come to the earth tomorrow, nor today but it came “yesterday.” How come you may wonder? It all happened on the cross. It all happened when He conquered death. “It is done”, He said. It all happened a long time ago but the manifestation of it is on its way. 

Declare your victory. Declare your victory through the Lord. Declare that what is bothering you today was dealt with by the Lord yesterday. Declare that every battle was won and every defeat was reversed. Every curse was removed and every wound was healed. Declare what Jesus did and what life is all about when He is your Lord. God sent His Son and His amazing sacrifice turned an ugly beginning into a beautiful ending. This victory is coming into your life so hang on. Hold on tight and be strong. There is nothing that is going to prevent this change in your life from taking place. The forces of darkness will try their best and it will look like they have won but at the eleventh hour, justice will be served. God will show up when you least expect it and He will prove that He is true to His Word. The victory is His and you are going to benefit from it.

Declare your victory. Declare your victory through the Lord. Let your words and your action demonstrate that you believe that the victory is yours. Jesus bought it and now you are reaping from it. Declare that Jesus is the purveyor of your victory and that it can only happen thanks to Him. Refuse to bow down to the crazy ideas of the enemy when he whispers fear and worry into your ears. Turn a deaf ear to his suggestions and stay grounded in the Lord. You are grounded in victory because of the One who paid the price for you. Make a statement that all your fears, your problems and your worries can hear. Let them take it all in. Let them understand that your God is mighty and that He will never let you down. The victory is His and He is sharing it with you.

Declare your victory. Declare your victory through the Lord. It is over. The battle has been won and you are on the winning team. Your captain did all the work. The head of the Body did all the work. Your leader did all the work. The Lord did all the work and your faith is getting you to see it before your eyes can actually experience it. Sing about the Lord’s victory. Sing and rejoice that the Lord loved you so much that He gave His life for you and for humanity. Declare that His victory is a win for love and a slap in the face of hate. Take the time to enjoy today knowing that tomorrow is taken care of and that the Lord’s victory will shine as bright as it did on that cross. Declare your victory and be sure to say that it was made possible by the God of the impossible!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:9-10


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