Things that don’t make sense

Every day is a lesson. Every day is a series of lessons. I don’t know if I am learning well. I need to have some lessons repeated a few times to understand what is going on. At times the lessons seem like a punishment and I don’t understand why they are taking place. The loss of someone doesn’t seem like a lesson. It is more like an awful experience that makes no sense at times. Losing an infant or being born with a deformity are not lessons but they are events that mark our lives and that leave us wondering why. I have more questions than I have answers and I stopped asking some of the questions because I have to accept that some answers are not meant to be delivered now. Some questions will have to wait until Heaven. I am sure you have been faced with situations that just didn’t make sense to you and up to now you have had no explanation. I think that some things will never be fully explained or explained at all and we have to accept it. It is when we question and we try to find answers in vain that we fall into a trap. It’s a trap where the enemy keeps us in an endless circle of overthinking, doubting and questioning. He knows that if he holds us down in that circle we will have a hard time getting up. He knows that the confusion and the questioning will distance us from God and they will damage our faith. One thing I have learned from all these life lessons is that the enemy is always after our faith, our peace and our joy and the Lord is always more than willing to give us peace, love, joy and reasons to stay in faith. I don’t think that not understanding why certain things happen to us means that God is hiding secrets from us or He doesn’t want us to know the whole truth. He has His reasons and I do believe that at times the whole truth can be hard to handle. Not having all the answers but still trusting God is a demonstration of a strong faith.

I have known people who have lost family members in tragic circumstances. I remember being close to a family in church when I was a young adult. It was a great Christian family. I sometimes had dinner with them after church. One Sunday I found out that one of the kids who was around my age had died. I don’t know exactly what happened but I remember being shocked and confused by the sudden death of this good Christian kid. There appeared to be no justice in the eyes of life. Life has a way of looking around and taking away random people. It just doesn’t make sense. Jesus said that in this life we would have tribulations but we should stay strong because He had conquered the world. Death did not win in the case of the young Christian man. Jesus won even though it didn’t look that way at first. It could have been time for this young man to go be with the Lord. I don’t know and I won’t try to figure it out and dwell on it. What I know for sure is that those tragic events don’t change God and they don’t mean that He has lost. There is a reason behind every situation and Heaven has its version of the facts. In Heaven’s version God wins and God loves. How can a loss like that be translated into a comprehensible explanation? I do not know but I won’t step into that circle of confusion. Some things don’t make sense and they are not supposed to but they don’t take away the truth that the Lord did conquer the world.

So many things are complicated and some lessons are hard to swallow and hard to digest and yet we ought to be strong. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be mad and you shouldn’t be sad and upset. These are normal human reactions and God doesn’t want us to stop being human. What He wants is for us to trust the bigger plan and let Him take care of the bigger picture. There are days when things that don’t make sense keep happening. Those are the days when we have to double up on our faith and we have to take a stronger stand. I wish I had more answers for you. Trust me I get my fair share of confusing circumstances but I also get a bigger share of God’s love manifested in my life and His mercy and grace come to the rescue. They are two things that also don’t make sense at all. I have wondered many times why God was so gracious and so merciful. It makes no sense to me but to Him it makes total sense and that is what matters in the end. You and I are here for a reason. We might find out why or we might not but we are in good hands no matter what. Life doesn’t make sense at all but we are in God’s hands and that gives us a reason to keep going and to be strong no matter what is beyond our reach of understanding. God will make sense of what we cannot comprehend.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 18:2; Psalm 119:130; 2 Timothy 2:7

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