Just a few words from God

The other day I was reading the book of Matthew and I was fascinated by the faith displayed by a Roman officer. He went up to Jesus and asked Him to heal one of his servants. His young servant was bed-ridden and in a lot of pain. I first noted how the officer cared about his servant. That showed love. Faith works best with love and the officer definitely had love in him. So many people back then mistreated their servants but this officer was different. He pleaded with Jesus which demonstrated that he really cared for his servant. I read it almost as the account of a father who is asking God to heal his son. This was not a typical master-servant relationship. Jesus told him he would go to his house and heal the servant. The officer didn’t feel worthy to have Jesus in his home. That showed meekness and humility. He was controlled by love for lack of better words. Love doesn’t boast and it doesn’t think of itself highly. To him, Jesus could heal his servant from a distance. All He had to do was say a few words and the servant would be healed. He said “Just say the words from where You are, and my servant will be healed.” That is such great faith! He knew that God could do anything. He knew that Jesus could heal with just a few words and He didn’t have to be in the presence of the servant. The officer just needed to hear the words and that was enough for him to know that it was done. How often do we tell the Lord that His words are enough for us to believe? How often do we trust a few words from God without seeing Him perform a miracle in front of our eyes? God’s Word has more than a few words and we can believe them all. We can tell Him, “Lord, let me just hear your Word and I will get my breakthrough.” Just a few words from God are enough. Our faith doesn’t need a lot.


Have you found scriptures in the Word of God that deal with your current situation? Have you found passages that are encouraging and that fill you up with hope? Hold on to those verses and keep them close to your heart. When the time comes, you will need to look at those words and say that they are enough. You will need to thank the Lord for those few words and tell Him that you believe them. There are three important aspects to that great faith from the Roman officer. First there is the love walk. Then there is meekness and finally there is an active faith. Love is where it all starts. When we walk in love, faith is easier. Why? Because love is who God is and when we have love, we have the Lord. His power and His blessing are in us. We demonstrate His goodness and we let Him use us. Yes, the love walk is a manifestation of the relationship we have with God. We can’t hold hands with God and hold hands with hatred at the same time. Hate and love can’t coexist. God’s love chases all hatred if we let it take over our hearts and minds. To be a disciple and a follower of Jesus, we need to walk in love. The Roman officer had mastered that love walk. He had extended his love to his servant. God sees the love in us and He marvels at how much we love Him and we want to be more like Him when we are walking in love. 


Meekness is submission to God. I see the power of submitting to the Lord. The power of cherishing His words and putting ourselves at the mercy of His Word. It is not a bad thing. It is one of the best things we can do. Going back to the verses you hold on to. You can humbly come under the authority of the words from those verses by accepting them and embracing them. Reject any thoughts that elevate themselves above those words. Make those words part of your vocabulary. Just a few words from God and your entire world can change. Think about that. If you meditate on the words from the Lord, you can learn a new way of living and you can set your mind free. The Word of God has the power to renew your mind. Submit yourself to the words from God and your outlook on life will change for the better.


The Roman officer pointed out the fact that he knew that a few words were enough. He had a knowing inside that was void of doubt and worry. His faith couldn’t be shaken. Faith is knowing without a doubt. It doesn’t care what things look like or sound like. Faith just knows. Take those scriptures and get them inside your spirit. Meditate on them. Just a few words from God and your faith will be ignited. You will tell the Lord that all He needs to do is say those words to you again and you will be healed, you will be blessed, you will be saved, you will be protected. It only takes a few words, love, meekness and faith.

Suggested reading: Matthew 8; Mark 11:22-24; 1 Corinthians 13:4

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