Jesus loves everyone

The Lord loves everyone. There is no exception. Yesterday I wrote a nugget of wisdom about that. I wrote,  “There isn’t a single person you will meet that Jesus didn’t die for. Treat everyone as someone the Lord adores because that is the truth. Jesus’ love is unconditional and it is not reserved for a specific group. He groups everyone under the same cross. Remember that next time you deal with someone who is hard to love!” This powerful message had a great impact on my perception of people years ago. I used to be in New York City a lot and when I would walk around in crowds, the Spirit of God would show me something amazing. I would look at someone and He would say “I love him. I love her.” Everyone I looked at was someone He loved. There wasn’t a single person He wouldn’t talk about without mentioning that He loved him or her. That truly changed my vision of others. I used to judge people by how they looked or what they seemed to be like as a person. I would judge a book by its cover and by its binding. I secretly had personalities picked out and traits “figured out.” I was not walking in love even though I thought I was just because I didn’t verbalize my inner thoughts.


 I used to walk the judgment walk. That is a walk that the Lord doesn’t know. He has never walked down the paths of discrimination and preconceived ideas. Jesus’ love is perfect. Perfect love covers all sins. Jesus doesn’t see people according to their sins. He sees them according to His love. His love focuses on the person He adores and gets down the person’s level. Jesus died for everyone. He can’t take that back. To hear some people talk in Christian circles these days, you would think that Jesus changed His mind and that He is retracting what He did on the cross by reserving His redemption and salvation for a group of a few chosen ones. When Jesus was dying on the cross He chose you, friend. No matter who you are, you were on His mind. No matter what you look like, what you have done and what you think about, He died for you. No one and nothing can stand in the way of His love for you. Today I am here to remind you that Jesus loves you and He loves every single person you will ever meet in your life. 


God so loved the world that He gave His only Son as a sacrifice to save humanity. Can you think of a love so big that it is willing to die for you? Whose love is that strong? Whose love is ready to die for everyone who will ever walk the earth? You can imagine how painful that death would be and yet Jesus did it. He stood in the gap for us. He did what it took to redeem us of our sins and to give us eternal life. It is mind blowing. It is remarkable. There are no words to describe it when you think about it. Do you ever think about how much Jesus actually loves you? Do you need a reminder that He adores you and that He died for you? When you are down and depressed, meditate on Jesus’ sacrifice and His love for you. Keep it in front of you. Go past the guilt and the shame of your sins. Those are the enemy’s weapons to derail you and to make you fall. Jesus’ love for you is more powerful than the entire army of the enemy. The attacks of the enemy won’t change the truth that Jesus died for you out of love to save you and protect you. 


Speak against the shame and the guilt and talk about Jesus’ love. We all sin. We all fall short but we can all be forgiven and redeemed. When we ask for forgiveness we always get an answer from the depth of the heart of the Lord. He deeply loves us and if we were to search His heart, we would only find rivers of love flowing toward us. Let’s not stop the rivers by adhering to the enemy’s mind games. God’s love and forgiveness are for everyone. Every single person you will interact with or see today is loved by Jesus. See how that alters the way you see people. Let that be your filter. Let the revelation that Jesus loves everyone be the filter you use when dealing with people. It’s not about what you think or how you feel about people. It’s about the love Jesus has for everybody. Chip away the stereotypes and the misconceptions you might have by embracing Jesus’ love for everyone. I am working on it. I am learning to let love dominate me. I am a work in progress and I am ok with that. The Holy Spirit keeps reminding me of God’s love and it has been a great journey. Jesus loves you and everyone in your life. Keep that in mind. It will change your mind!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:10; John 3:16; 1 John 4:7-8

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