What’s next? (what to do when faith is weak)

I still don’t have electricity. I was sitting at a coffee shop yesterday using their wifi and charging my computer and phone when I heard someone ask “What’s next?” The person was referring to all the tragedies that have happened this year. He shook his head and said it was one thing after another. We were hit pretty hard. Many of us have no power and no running water and it could take up to 10 days for everything to be restored. What the man said made me think that I knew what was coming next. What’s next is that God is going to do something that will make us forget the past suffering. Hard to believe when we are in the middle of it but I believe with all my heart that God will save the day. Something good is coming. God doesn’t let us down. This is when our faith has to be strong and we can grow even more. Can you believe that great things are coming despite your current circumstances? Are you able to see through the eyes of faith that there is nothing to worry about? If you can’t, I want to share a few verses and ideas that can help you get to the point where you see that what’s coming next is good. Storms and thunders will come but God has a plan to bring relief and to restore the power you have lost. He is the God of restoration. Power is coming back in Jesus’ name!


I have found verses that have given me a boost through the years. One of them is “If we are faithless, He remains faithful—for He cannot disown himself.” This verse, 2 Timothy 2:13, is a verse that can be applied to all of us. We have all had moments when we are faithless, moments when our faith is weak and we want to quit. Have you ever wanted to quit God? I know I have but I don’t go there anymore. I have had seasons when nothing seemed to go right and I just wanted to throw in the towel because I couldn’t do this anymore. I felt like faith was not for me. Faith was broken. I kept pushing the button and nothing worked. I kept flipping the switch and no light came on. I kept hoping for better days and bad days continued. Faith was never meant to be easy but it is attainable and accessible. Faith perseveres and it keeps on hanging on to God. It expects the best even when the present is horrible. It knows that what’s next is good. Faith talks about the good things that are to come when no one can see them and when no one can imagine they can take place. Faith has this invisible world that exists and that is real to faith. We are often blind to the world that faith sees but it doesn’t mean that that world is non-existent. When our faith is weak, God is still faithful. Think of a time when you were not strong in your belief and God came to the rescue. It might happen again. Just because we are not staying in faith doesn’t indicate that God is not faithful and that He is not keeping His promises. If your faith is weak today, tell the Lord that your lack of trust doesn’t negate His ability to bless you. Repeat that many times. It will help you re-develop the confidence that God can do all things and that He can bless you and set you free from your current problems. God can’t go back on His word and say that He won’t help you after all. He can’t take His promises back and He can’t escape what He said He would do. He can’t run away from Himself. He said “Come to Me you who are weary and I will give you rest.” When faith is weak, turn to God. You don’t need much faith. Just turn to Him and let Him show how faithful He still is.


What’s next now that you have gone through one of the worst years of your life you might be wondering. There are always new chapters in our lives, new seasons. Some bad ones can last for a long time. It seems that the good ones are short-lived but the truth of the Lord is that He can juxtapose His good season over the bad season we go through. The bad season tries to make us believe that nothing good can happen again. The bad season aims at depleting our faith. A bad season is a good reason to stay in faith. It is a reason to stand our ground like Job and keep honoring God. You can easily slip into the “what’s coming next is bad” mode. It is a mode that only sees the worst. I understand that mode but I also understand that there is a mode that makes you hope for good things. They will come. Eventually they will. The bad season is a wall that needs to be pushed. Push it with your praise. Push it with your prayers. Remember you have muscles of faith that need to be exercised. This implies that you have the foundation. Your muscles might be big but it doesn’t take much for them to lift the weights of life. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is spotting you. He is your backup. He is your power backup. You are not doing this life alone. God knows what’s next. Let Him dictate the next chapter. Let Him provide the breakthrough. What’s next is good. Believe it. It will happen. Stay strong. Hang in here and stay encouraged. The Lord won’t leave you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 30:5; 2 Timothy 2:13; 2 Corinthians 12:9



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