Go with the flow from Heaven

I like the expression “to go with the flow.” It means to be relaxed and accept a situation rather than to alter or try to control it. I like that the expression encourages us to relax. The part about accepting the situation works for me as long as it is accompanied by the belief that God is in control of the situation. A few days ago, I was trying to find out what I needed to do in a particular situation. My mind was going in different directions and I couldn’t come up with a rational solution. Sometimes we need to put the rational on pause and rely on the supernatural. Relying on our God of the supernatural is actually always the best course of action. I did what I do when I need help. I went into my prayer closet and sought the Lord’s face. What I was told during that prayer session was to “go with the flow.” Go with the flow of the Holy Spirit. Go with the flow from Heaven. I loved that encouragement. There is a flow from Heaven. We can go with the flow of the world or with the flow from Heaven. What is the flow from Heaven? It is a way of saying “Go with what the Lord says” or “Go with the reality of the kingdom of God over the reality of the world.” We have a choice to make. We can go with the flow and accept the situation as is or we can go with the Lord’s flow and accept His version of our situation. His version is always backed up by hope. He has the power to change anything. That is the flow from Heaven as well. If you are faced with a choice today, go with the flow from Heaven.


A flow is an action or fact of moving along in a steady continuous stream. There are actions that move in a good direction and some that move in a bad direction. There are ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions that do the same thing. When we are angry and we act with anger, we flow in a bad direction. When a bad situation arises, we can go with anger or we can go with peace. We can flow with hope or we can flow with worry. We can flow with faith or we can flow with doubt. When your mind tells you to go with the flow, be sure you check which flow you are going with. Don’t be passive and just accept the bad circumstances. Don’t be afraid of what is happening and decide to just let it happen. Take a stand and go with the flow from Heaven. That is the flow of the Holy Spirit that can get you to a much better place. When you flow with the Holy Spirit, you allow His fruit to dominate you. You let Him invade you with His traits. This is how you can win many battles. Faith will be at the forefront and love will be the power behind everything you do. Flowing with the Holy Spirit implies flowing with peace, patience, joy, long-suffering, self-control, faith and love. Those are all great representations of who He is and they come from Heaven where God is sovereign and His peace and love abound. Could it be that God is telling you today, “Go with the flow. Go with My flow”?


When I decided to go with the flow from Heaven, my situation changed. Why? When we flow with the Holy Spirit there is a change in us. The change starts on the inside and we see everything differently on the outside. Peace is what came first. I said a prayer and peace became vibrant. It was tangible. It was unbelievable. It was supernatural. I love the peace from God that surpasses all understanding. I strongly believe that God gives us that amazing peace from time to time to remind us of how supernatural and almighty He is. We can’t flow with the Spirit of God and not receive peace. Peace helps us be more in control of our emotions. When we go with the flow of the world, we have a defeatist attitude if the flow is bad and we just go with it. The Spirit of God doesn’t give up. He never gives up. He doesn’t know how to lose and how to fail. When you go with the flow from Heaven, you flow in the direction of victory. You flow in the direction of the impossible being possible. Get on that wavelength. Get on the Lord’s flow. Go with what He says in His Word. Let His Word lead the flow. Let His Word be the direction you are taking. Today I recommend that you flow with the Spirit of God. React to what happens today with the flow of the Spirit. Go in the direction of Heaven. Invite the Lord to help control your emotions and feelings. Don’t subscribe to any negativity but be a fervent pursuer of the positivity that comes with the fruit of the Spirit. Go with the flow from Heaven and you will stay away from defeat and discouragement.

Suggested reading: John 7:37-39; Romans 12:21; Galatians 5:22


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