The power of giving and the joy of generosity

No one has demonstrated the power of giving the way the Lord has. God gave His only Son to save the world. He gave and now the world can receive an eternal gift if it chooses to accept it. He gave and death was killed. He gave and Heaven collided with earth. He gave and a powerful restoration took place. He gave and life was refreshed and made beautiful. He gave and love won. He gave and the enemy lost. Today I want to talk to you about the power of giving and the joy that can come from a generous heart. I heard someone talk about the joy of generosity and I added that concept to my meditative prayer time. We live in a world where getting is more valued than giving. We want to get likes. We want to get followers. We want to get fame. We want to get money. We want to get and get. The desire to get is encrypted in our DNA. However,  I know a lot of people who are givers. They were born to give and they enjoy giving more than receiving. They know the joy that is attached to giving generously. Like I said, God is the best giver. When it comes to giving, we can learn a great deal from Him. Giving can change the lives around us and it can change our lives. What has God given you? Can you make a list of everything He has given you? I think that would be impossible but it is good practice to recognize what God gives us and we should give it away what He gives us.


God gives generously. What He gives us should often be shared with others. When we do, we imitate the Father and we stay in His will. God is a giver and that is what we are as well. We might not choose to give but we can. It is in our spiritual makeup as believers. It is one of those traits that shouldn’t remain dormant. Giving is powerful because it is doing God’s will and it is empowering someone else. When you give, you make something possible or you fill a void. You may think that you have nothing to give but you do. Give some of your time. Spend time helping someone. Spend time praying for someone. The gift of time is a priceless gift. Imagine how many lives God can touch through the time you dedicated to prayer. Think about how powerful giving that time is. God can do the impossible and when you pray in faith, great things can happen. The power of giving is in action when you pray. Give to anyone you know. Give them prayers so to speak. They might never hear you pray but God sees you and He honors your giving. Ask the Lord what you can give and He will open your eyes to a world around you that is in need of things you would never think of. Give the gift of Jesus. God gave His Son and you and I can share Him with the world. Prayerfully approach people with the gift of Jesus. It is the most extraordinary gift there is!


When God gave the most extraordinary gift to the world, He showed how generous He was and how selfless He was. Generous gifts from the heart are precious gifts that cover needs beyond the scope of what was hoped for. God has given us the Holy Spirit. He is the amazing gift from Jesus. With the Spirit come gifts and fruit. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit that is part of this great package deal. What is also remarkable is that the joy of the Lord can be present in all circumstances. It also accompanies generosity. The joy of generosity is a manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes giving can be hard but when it comes from the heart of the Spirit, there is joy. We can be joyful and enjoy giving. We can enjoy being generous and making someone happy. Let’s develop the joy of generosity. Let’s give it a chance to flow through us and to be good servants of the Lord. He gives generously with much joy and you and I can do the same thing. Don’t underestimate the power of giving and the joy of generosity. They keep you in God’s will and they enable you to share Jesus with others. Rejoice! There is much joy in giving in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Malachi 3:10-12; John 3:16; 2 Corinthians 9:6-8



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