God is listening to you

Every day I am amazed at how good a listener the Lord is. When you think about it, He quietly listens and doesn’t interrupt us when we talk to Him. Thoughts, emotions and feelings try to interrupt us when we talk to Him or try to interfere when He talks to us. The Lord is patient and He listens. He is always around and He knows what you are going to say before you say it and yet He still listens. If you are questioning if God heard you, go back to when you got saved. You were desperate and you were headed toward eternal perdition before that but the Lord heard the cry of your soul. Whether you are aware of it or not He heard you and responded. He made salvation happen for you. As a whole, God hears the cry of humanity and He sent His Son to save us all. He listens. He acts and He is faithful. God heard the prayer you said last night. God heard the cry of your soul before you even uttered it. God heard the prayers you will say years from now. Is He silent? He is not silent. He has answered you many different ways already and one of His ways is through His Word. If you think God is silent, open His Word and prick up your ears. It took me a while to understand that but once I did, I knew I was heard and my perspective was changed.


I spent countless hours praying and feeling like no one was listening. I thought I had to feel a certain way and then I would know that God heard me. Then I found out that God is not in feelings and emotions but faith is key. Just believing that God exists involves faith. It might be a mustard seed of faith but it is enough. That same seed I had was needed for my interaction with God. I had to water it with the Word of God. The more time I read the Word, the more I became aware of God’s love and of His presence. One thing that struck me was what God’s love meant for all of us. When you love someone, you take care of them and you listen to them. A lot of couples say that the number one problem in their relationship is lack of communication. They feel like they are not heard by their partner or they can’t express themselves to their partner. We are in the most amazing relationship. We are in a relationship with God and because He loves us so much, He does listen to us all the time. Today I want to encourage you to thank the Lord for listening to you. When you pray, thank Him. Do it every day. Tell Him how grateful you are that He always listens to you and that He heard you a long time ago.


God is listening all the time. He can listen and hear everyone. He is not too busy paying attention to someone you think is more important to Him. You matter to Him just like anyone else. He is no respecter of people. His ears are all yours. He sees your heart and He sees your pain and your struggles along with your joy and your victories. He sees it all and He hears it all. You are precious to Him. He won’t interrupt you until He needs to speak to you. He won’t brutally interrupt you. He is a gentleman. When I pray I often get “interrupted” by the Lord. It all flows in one direction. His interruption makes sense and it happens at the right time. I get quiet. I am tuned in and I know to just listen. It has taken me time to get there but like I said it all goes in the same direction. My prayer and my words go to the Lord and He listens to them and takes them to the next place. He puts them in a place where He answers my call. The Holy Spirit orchestrates the whole process. It is breathtaking! God is listening to you, friend. Trust that He heard you and spend time in His Word. You will find answers and messages that fit your situation and that show you that He is listening. You don’t have to be a pastor or a prophet to be heard by God. Just be you and express yourself. He will hear you quietest whispers and your loudest outbursts. God is listening to you. Thank Him that He is attentive and He loves hearing your voice!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12-13;1 Peter 3:12; 1 John 5:14

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