What about financial needs and prosperity?

I have been trying to understand what God has to say about money and prosperity. I spent some time meditating on those topics yesterday. I got very confused by the push for financial prosperity that has been preached from many Christian platforms. I know the Lord blesses us and nothing is impossible to Him but I also know that He is more interested in our hearts than in our wallets. He wants us to get as close to Him as possible in this life. He wants us to see His face and not to seek His riches, His financial riches. The Gospel is about Jesus saving us and giving us the good news of a life lived through Him. He came to give us an abundant life. Now, many would argue that this abundant life means financial prosperity. God is Spirit and He wants us to be spiritual. He is not materialistic. Jesus came to give us abundance of all good things that come from the Father, all things He desires for us to have. I was drawn to Matthew 6:33 yesterday during my Bible study time. The Lord tells us in that verse to seek the kingdom of God first and God’s righteousness and all the things we need will be given to us. “All the things we need” does include finances and material things but since God is Spirit and we need to be spiritual, He also meets our spiritual needs. I am not here to say that God is not going to bless us financially. He can do all things and He loves us but His love is not shown by the depth of His pockets. He has a fortune in His pockets but He would rather give us His heart, share His heart first.


In the book of Proverbs we learn that wisdom and knowledge are more precious than gold. Wouldn’t God want us to have something that is more precious than gold since He wants us to have what’s best for us? When we seek His kingdom and His righteousness, we find treasures. We find a safe box filled with wisdom and knowledge. We find piles of precious items that are worth more than gold. As we get closer to God, we get to know Him better and that is prosperity right there. We get into a state of spiritual wealth and we obtain an abundance of knowledge that guides us through life. I have prayed for money for years and every time I get into deep prayer about money, the Lord shows me areas where I can gain more wisdom that are more important than the financial realm. One thing the Holy Spirit taught me is that if I need money, I should be spending time praying for other people to receive financial breakthroughs. I need to seek the kingdom and God’s righteousness first and the money will come. Money is secondary. Love and giving should always come first.


I strongly believe that God prospers us but it doesn’t look the way the world tells us we should prosper. God doesn’t want us to be poor but He wants us to be rich in spirit first and then our needs will be met. Those needs are not mansions and planes but whatever we are in need of to have a comfortable life in Christ. I am still studying the whole prosperity concept and I have a lot more to learn but based on what I have seen so far, our spiritual prosperity is key. When we pray for someone else to be blessed, we demonstrate some spiritual maturity. We are not selfish. We think about others first and we imitate Jesus. He prayed for others. It is also a sign of some maturity when we don’t focus on how things look but we can look at life through the eyes of faith. When we pray for others and it is coming from the heart, we know that God will take care of us so we can put our energy into praying for good things to happen to others. It’s a great form of giving. Giving from the heart is very spiritual. God gave His only Son.


We ought to give ourselves to God when we are in need. We should really do that all the time. Let’s give our time and attention to God as much as we can. God has a way of turning our needs into building blocks for strength and faith. If we dedicate time to seek His face and to stand our ground in Him, we will realize that our needs are meant and our faith has grown. If you are praying for a financial blessing today, check your spiritual development and decide to work on it more than you work on getting your financial needs met. God will not forsake you. You are going to make it and He is going to make it come to pass for you. Pray and ask Him to help you financially once and then thank Him for His provision every day and spend time praying for others and seeking God’s righteousness in your life and in the life of others. Be a blessing and you will be blessed. Be a blessing with a heart for people and you will prosper in all your ways!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 8:11; Matthew 6:33; 1 Timothy 6:10

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