Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything

Do not worry about anything but instead pray about everything. How many times has this encouragement from the Bible helped me? It has guided my prayer life and it has shown me that prayer is a powerful tool that I should be using all the time. I pray daily. I love prayer. I love talking to the Father and listening to Him. I found out that I needed to be quiet during prayer. I start out by praising the Lord and then I get into quiet mode, into listening mode. The Holy Spirit speaks encouragement into my life during those moments and He gives me the peace of mind I need. When trouble hits, prayer goes up. I used to not have “the prayer reflex” but now it is a part of me, a part I can’t live without. I used to worry about everything and pray about nothing. I would sometimes say that I needed to pray about such and such situation but the reality was that I never did. I wished for a solution but I didn’t pray about the solution. Prayer is more than a recitation or a laundry list of requests. Prayer gives peace. It calms us down. It removes worry. That is why the Lord tells us not to worry but to pray instead. There is a connection between being worry-free and being a prayer warrior. The more we pray, the less we worry. Today I want to encourage you to pray about everything and leave your worries in God’s hands. He can handle them all.


Praying about everything means not leaving a single situation in our lives out of God’s hands. When we pray, we put our circumstances under His control. We give the Lord permission to intervene and to interfere with the negativity that is trying to destroy us. God is also a destroyer. He destroyed death on the cross and through the resurrection. Praying to God is giving up our free will and letting His will be done. When I pray I ask for His will to be done in my situation. I give Him free reign to destroy whatever part of the issue I have. I don’t tell Him how to do it. I ask Him to do something according to His will. I trust that He knows best. It saves me a lot of headaches. You see, we worry because we think we have to come up with answers on our own. We think we have to fix everything ourselves. Worry is like putting ourselves in God’s chair and trying to control the situation. God says, “Child, I’ve got this. It’s not for you to worry about it. Just pray and express your faith. It’s been taken care of and your faith will hand you the victory I bought for you centuries ago.” Worry is a barrier we need to overcome in order to see how great and wonderful the Lord is. He is always great. He is always powerful. Worry gives us blindfolds that prayer can remove. Here are a few suggestions I have based on the encouragement of praying instead of worrying.


If I am able to pray before I start worrying it’s a great situation but more often than not I worry before I can pray. I have learned to push worry away through prayer. Worry likes to keep us in a cycle of never ending negative thoughts. Prayer can break that cycle. When you start worrying, take a step back. I like to isolate myself and keep myself away from sources that can make me worry even more. This implies not talking to certain people at times. Anything and anyone that is not going to help me move away from the worry cycle is to be avoided. I start my prayer saying that worry is not from God and that I am not a slave to it. I think it’s important to distance oneself from worry verbally. Our words out loud are often more powerful than our thoughts so we need to mash the thoughts of worry with words of faith. I basically encourage myself. I then say that God doesn’t want me to worry and prayer will take care of the worries. Praise and worship come next. They help me magnify God and minimize the worries and the fear. Sometimes all I need to do is worship for a while and the worries go away. There is power in praise and worship and they are always a part of my prayers.


Once you have prayed, give thanks. Thank God that He listens to you, that He loves you and that He is a good God. Have a thanksgiving celebration during prayer. You will forget about the worries and they won’t have power over you because your faith in God will increase. I also suggest praying for others. Sometimes it is easier to have faith for others, easier to believe that God can answer your prayers for others. When you intercede for someone else, your focus is on love and love has no fear. The love of God you will feel when you are praying for others, will erase the worries and destroy fear. I am sure you are facing some kind of situation today. I say do not worry about it, pray about it. If you have been worried about it, push away the fear with praise and with some one-on-one time with the Lord. Pray about anything, big or small. Put God’s hand in all you do and all you go through. He will bless you and help you! Don’t worry. Pray!


Suggested reading: Psalm 102:17; Job 42:10; Philippians 4:6-7


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