Finding comfort in God

Where do you go when you need comfort? Who do you turn to? These past few years I have found it much easier to turn to the Lord for help. He is my go-to for everything. He is not only a refuge but He is a shield and a place of comfort. I rest in His hands and I sit in His place of comfort until I am centered and I am at peace again. God is peace. He gives us peace when things are chaotic and there is thunder all around. I learned that peace is very important for inner balance and spiritual growth. We can’t grow spiritually when we are constantly in distress and stressed out. Stress is an inhibitor. It stops us from hearing from God. It stalls progress and it creates confusion and causes spiritual blindness. Yesterday was a hectic day and all I wanted to do was to spend the day in the Word of God and stay where peace and comfort reign. I couldn’t do that because I had a lot to do that was not related to the Bible. I did carve out some time from my busy day to spend time in the Word. Today I want to point out three verses that deal with comfort and peace from God. Those verses touched me to the core yesterday and they helped me make it through a couple of challenging events during the day. God is the King of peace and He is extremely generous with His peace. If you need comfort, if you need a shoulder to cry on, lean on the Lord. His shoulder is big enough to support you and to keep you relaxed. Go to the Lord’s place of comfort and stay there until you are filled with peace.


When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” (Psalm 94:19) Our hearts can get troubled very easily. The cares that beat against our hearts come without an invitation and overstay a welcome that was never there in the first place. No one wants to be burned by cares and concerns and yet they show up all the time. When my heart is heavy and I can’t take it anymore, my mind is ready to explode with overthinking and my spirit cries out for help. The only help that makes a difference is the help from the Lord. When we cry out to Him, He helps out. He knows what to do and when to do it. God’s consolations are available. They shake our emotions and replace them with cheer. God is not going to let you down. The anxiety and the stress you are feeling are not going to stay. They can make you feel like you won’t get out of this nightmare but the Lord has dreams for you that will erase all bad memories left by those sleepless nights. Venture into the Lord’s place of comfort and you will find peace again. The joy that is to come cannot compare to the present-day sufferings.


Say to those with an anxious heart, “be strong; fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God. He will come and save you.” (Isaiah 35:4) A few words from the Lord and all anxiety can go away. A few words from the Lord and all fear can go away. The goal is to listen to His words and accept them. They are medicine to our soul and body and they are food for our spirits. A few words is all it takes to get back on the right track. When the Lord says “Fear not,” He gives us a command that is not impossible. He knows that with Him on our side we can make it and we have nothing to be afraid of. It is the daily reminder that we need. We don’t have to be afraid because the Creator of the universe is with us all the time. He comes with vengeance and He destroys our enemies. Who are our enemies? Fear, worry, stress and anxiety are among our most ferocious enemies. The Lord will come and save you from them. Put all your trust in Him!


“Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.” (Psalm 55:22) We carry too many burdens when we should be giving them to the Lord. Prayer is a great outlet and a great way to release the burdens. I can’t do anything without the Lord and without His help, I am not strong enough. I can’t face life on my own. Surrender is key. When we cast our burden on the Lord, we surrender to Him. We let Him do the heavy lifting. We trust that He can handle anything. I love that when I cast my cares on Him, He sustains me. He gives me the strength to keep going and He blesses me. His love is sustainable and it is powerful. God gives us stability. He gives us what we need when we embrace His helping hand. There is much more comfort in the Lord than we imagine. We don’t have to turn to the world for peace. God can use the world to give us peace but peace and comfort come from Him. My prayer today is that you connect with your place of comfort every day, with the Lord of all comfort every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 61:2; Matthew 28:11; Luke 2:10


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