The kindness of God

The way God was portrayed when I was growing up was pretty scary. He seemed huge and powerful but He was the ultimate judge who was more of a punisher than a fair judge. He was the God of wrath whose love was reserved for the chosen few. I didn’t feel chosen. I felt excluded. There seemed to be a hierarchy in the kingdom of the Lord and I found myself at the bottom of the ladder with no hope of climbing it. My life was riddled with disappointment and heartaches and I thought I was being punished for not being pious enough. I didn’t know how to buy my way to Heaven. There seemed to be a magic formula and I was left out of that secret. I had to work my way into God’s favor according to what I was told. I feared God and it wasn’t awe but real fear. I lost interest in trying to please Him and trying to make it to Heaven. I lived my life. I did the best I could but like many people, I compared myself to others. I didn’t understand why God loved them more than He loved me. The problem was that I was buying into the lies of the enemy and I was blinded. Not only did God love me that whole time but He was also a kind God. You see, the enemy hid the kindness of God from me because He knew it would draw me closer to the Lord. I was in need of kindness. I longed for goodness and I looked for gentleness. I was basically in search of everything that God was but I was led astray. Then Jesus came and reversed the way I saw God, He spoke truth into my life and His truth set me free.


God is a good God. He is the best One you will ever meet. Life, circumstances, the enemy, the adversity give Him a bad rap. Even the church has versions of God that can leave you terrified and not edified. God is kind and His kindness endures forever. It is time we put the kindness back in God. It is time we drew a portrait of the real loving God. The One the world needs to hear about. The One the people who struggle emotionally and physically need to find out about. The God whose kindness is enough and whose love saved the world. It’s His love that caused the crucifixion to take place. It’s His love and kindness that made Him sacrifice His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. God’s kindness needs to be promoted more than any political or financial agenda. God is kind and His kindness is the wrap around all the messages from God that we should be delivering. The wrath and the doom are not what God is about when He talks to us. He talks about love and with love. The world doesn’t get to hear about the kindness of God enough. The world hears about the lack of compassion and empathy that has been attached to God. The wrong labels need to go. Let’s take God out of the box the world created and let’s give Him the chance to be the God He truly is. Let’s give God’s kindness the voice that it deserves. God loves everyone. That is every single person that will ever walk the earth. His kindness and love are unparalleled!


We are the conduits of God’s kindness. We are the carriers of His love and kindness. The flow can be stopped if we put a cork in the pipeline from Heaven. Our actions, words and thoughts can stop the flow of God’s kindness. They are the cork we should get rid of. When the Word of God says “Renew your mind,” it refers to adjusting our minds so that they are more like Christ’s. Kindness overloads the Lord’s mind. There is kindness everywhere in His thoughts. I see them as the land of the kind. There is no evil and no mean thought in His mind. It is governed by love and kindness. When we work at renewing our minds, we strive to let kindness rule our thoughts. At least that is what we should be doing. Are you renewing your mind through the filter of love and kindness? The kindness of God in us, this amazing fruit, leads us to walk in love and to put others before us. It is the goal of the fruit. I don’t want my fruit to be unripened and to stay green all the time. I want it to wear the colors of love and kindness and produce more fruit that the world can eat, enjoy and benefit from. You and I have a beautiful mission and it’s to make sure that God’s kindness spreads like wildfire. The loving kindness of God will always exist and we can make sure that people know about it. His kindness saved us. Let’s spread the Word. Let’s spread the love. Let’s spread God’s kindness!

Suggested reading: 1 Samuel 20:14; Psalm 31:21; Galatians 5:13


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