God loves a cheerful giver

Yesterday I studied 2 Corinthians 9. I spent time meditating on it. I had been receiving messages about giving during prayer time and I was led to this chapter. The theme of this passage is to give generously. It was exactly what I had been hearing in my spirit so I decided to write about it. God is about giving and He wants us to give more than we receive. To hear some people talk in Christian circles you would think that being a Christian is all about gain. You would think that it’s about getting as rich as possible and the richer we get the more Christian we are or the holier we are. This sends a very confusing message because the Lord gave His life for us so we can live. His major sacrifice is a clear example of giving. We are to imitate Him. I am not saying we should give our lives. The idea here is to give what we receive from Him. Our gifts and talents should be expressed so that others can benefit from them. Whatever we have, we ought to share it and give God the glory for it. God will always supply our needs when we trust Him. He gives us life and He gives it in abundance. We can expect spiritual abundance, material abundance and physical abundance. God blesses us with amazing things. There is no denying that but it is not what we should see at the core of our relationship with Him. Love is at the core and love is giving. The Lord never said “Be in Me and never give to others but expect to be blessed.” A cheerful giver is blessed. A cheerful giver pleases God. Let’s define what giving is all about and let’s talk more about why giving is so crucial for us believers. 


First I need to clarify that God doesn’t love a cheerful giver more than someone who doesn’t give. God loves everyone the same way. No one is more special than other people in His eyes. Your good deeds and your good actions won’t get you a better seat at the Lord’s table. We are all equal in His eyes. He does love the act of giving because it is a good imitation of what He does. When we give, we are in the Lord’s giving camp. I can picture a big camp with tents of giving. Tents where believers attend to other people and give them freely. Love is what is being exchanged in that camp. Love is a currency with endless dividends and countless blessings. If you are not sure how to give to people, tap into the power of love. Let love guide you and show you how you can give. We often think of giving money as a form of helping. It does help and it is good but we can give so much more than money. We can give of our time. We can give the gift of prayer. We can give a helping hand. We can give advice. We can give encouragement. We can give peace. We can give joy. The fruit of the Spirit is a great gift to share with people. We have the ability to walk around with that precious fruit basket and give people what they need from it. Once again what God gives us is meant to be distributed to the people in our lives or to strangers.


In this chapter of 2 Corinthians, giving is presented as sowing. We can sow sparingly or we can sow generously. When we give, we put something good in a soil from which great things will grow. We can reap a big harvest when we sow a lot or we can get a small crop when we give a little bit. We are encouraged to give a lot. This means that giving should be an everyday thing. We should operate from a giving mentality. Finding ways to give is a good quest and we can meditate on it when we pray. As we do, the Lord will show us specific ways we can bless specific people. There is a need to give from the heart. We are not giving because we have to but because we want to. This all stems from the love of God that was shed in our hearts. When we allow a love invasion to take place, our hearts will encourage us to give as much as we can. When we give, we are a blessing and we are blessed. We don’t give to be blessed but we give because our hearts are full of a desire to help others. My prayer is that I can expand my heart and that I can give more generously and more often. I am working on finding ways I can give and use my gifts to touch the lives around me. I want to give without thinking twice. I want to give cheerfully and keep on giving and giving. I suggest that you read 2 Corinthians 9 prayerfully. Keep being a cheerful giver. It is a great way to obey God and to extend God’s grace to others.

Suggested reading: Luke 6:38; Matthew 7:12; 2 Corinthians 9

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