10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 124)

The blessings that are coming are bigger than the heartaches that have been crippling you. More goodness is coming. More favor is coming. More peace is coming. More breakthroughs are coming. Stay the course. The best is yet to come!

Love has no color other than the red blood of Jesus that was on the cross. Love people through the eyes of the blood of Jesus and not through the eyes of the blindness of discrimination and judgement.

The future is uncertain but the One who has been to the future is always certain that you and I will be fine because He holds us in His hand no matter what the future holds!

Don’t underestimate God’s ability to make anything possible. Remember that He is God and that you are not!

Heaven’s doors are wide open and you are invited to go in. Seek the kingdom of God. You will find that there are treasures from Heaven awaiting you here on earth!

There is a solution to your problem and it is spelled J-e-s-u-s. Jesus can delete your biggest nightmares and leave you with dreams that will blow your mind.

Forgive and keep on forgiving. You can never forgive too much. You can never forgive too often. Forgive the way the Lord forgives you. Forgive and you will give yourself peace.

Stay in faith and God will get things done for you. He will take every part of your life and fill them with blessings and new beginnings.

It’s time to reveal the beauty of the Lord again so that people can see Him. The world needs to see how beautiful and pure God’s love and goodness are. God loves everyone and cares for anyone.

Your next season is going to be like summer in the middle of winter. Expect God to perform the impossible in the middle of the storms.

Suggested reading: Matthew 5:4; Luke 6:38; John 1:16

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