What is the recurring theme of your life?

A theme is the subject of a talk, a piece of writing or a person’s thoughts. What is the recurring theme of your life? What is the topic or the subject that keeps coming back in your life? Can you decide what the theme of your life is? I believe it is a question of perspective and we can choose what the recurring theme of our lives is going to be. Some themes seem to be imposed on our lives. Some themes can be highlighted more than others. We can side with one theme and recognize it as the recurring theme. Are we choosing the Lord’s theme for our lives to be recurring or are we siding with the terrible theme the enemy keeps bringing up? We can say “Bad things always happen to me” or “The Lord always blesses me.” I choose to highlight the recurring theme of the Lord in my life. Looking back, I can see how blessed I have been despite all the hardships and the heartaches. The losses and the failures could be a recurring theme that I adhere to but I am not a defeatist. In Jesus’ name I am now allowing myself to see the cup as more than half full. My cup overflows. It’s been overflowing and that is the theme that is repeating itself in my life. I have made up my mind and I am determined to underline God’s amazing theme in my life. When life gives me reasons to doubt or to give up, I take the marker of faith and I boldly highlight the theme of blessing and overflow in my life. Today I want to encourage you to go with God’s recurring theme in your life. Identify it. Embrace it and keep highlighting it. God’s recurring theme for you will become the most popular topic in your thoughts when you keep holding on to it.


A person’s thoughts are a bundle of positive, neutral and negative thoughts. The neutral and “idle” thoughts easily slip into the negative thought category. Thoughts have many sources and some come about because of what happens to us. When bad things happen, we can focus on them so much that they appear to be what our lives are made of. Friend, your life will always have its share of challenges but the Lord Himself challenged your trials on the cross and gave you a way out of every single bad occurrence in your life. It’s up to you and me to tune out the negative, refocus and declare the goodness of God in our lives. His goodness is more present than we realize. It is in the background, the foreground and it should get into the playground of our minds. God’s goodness is a topic that our hearts long to sing and celebrate but our heads tend to emphasize the bad things more. Jesus came to give us life and to give it to us more abundantly. What a beautiful theme! That abundant life is not going away. Once we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, that life is ours forever. God’s salvation is not temporary. It is not optional in the life of the believers. It is what makes our lives. God’s goodness is recurring. God’s kindness is recurring. God’s love is a never ending cycle. God’s protection is recurring. God’s promises are recurring. The Lord is faithful and just and He will bless us over and over again. Let’s get rid of the “bad life” mentality and let’s see how  the “God life” is our reality.


I am not advocating ignoring all the difficulties and the problems you might be encountering. I am not in favor of being blind to the suffering. I am here to promote good over evil. God over the enemy. Positivity over negativity. Blessings over curses. The evil in this world is undeniable. However, God’s goodness can’t be put under a rock and left there until we decide that it’s time for good things to happen again. God’s time is all the time. God is present all the time. God is good all the time. He has a specific timing for some events in our lives but that doesn’t mean He stops being good in between the breakthroughs and the blessings. I declare myself blessed every morning and I expect my day to demonstrate the blessings and to show me the goodness of God. To get there I need my faith to be what I use to react to life. I call things into life as if they were. My faith gives a voice to the blessings that belong in my life. My faith is a spokesperson for God’s goodness in my life. My faith sings the recurring theme of God’s overflowing blessings in my life. My faith is getting blinder and blinder by the day as I get bolder and bolder every day. I love God’s theme for my life and I repeat it out loud, in my heart and in my mind. If the blessings don’t show up, I show them off. I boast in the Lord’s goodness. There is always something to be grateful for and to recognize as a blessing from the Lord. Your recurring theme is a blessed theme. Let that be the topic of your life!

Suggested reading: Psalm 67:7; Numbers 6:24-25; James 1:17



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