Prayer puts everything in God’s hands

I can think of many examples of when I wanted to take things into my own hands. I thought I could do it better than God. I didn’t realize that was my mindset at the time but my actions spoke loudly. I even skipped prayer about certain matters thinking that I didn’t need prayer. Little did I know that prayer was the key to everything. I would say that I would pray about something and never said the prayer. I was then led to read the Word of God more and prayer jumped out of the pages. It appeared to be the essence of a relationship with God. Without prayer how can we communicate with God? Prayer is not just a formal means of communication. As matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be formal at all. It just has to be from the heart. It has to exist. It has to be manifested. Prayer is the language that gets us connected to God. God understands all prayers. It doesn’t matter what the actual language is. God knows it all and He hears our prayers even the ones that are not uttered. Prayer can be an internal plea. It can be muffled by the sounds of our tears. It can be hidden by the weight of our fears. It can be squeezed between two heartaches. It can be spoken by the lips of our faith even if our mouth is closed. Prayer has many forms but what all those forms have in common is a desire to communicate with God. God sees the desires of our hearts and that is what matters.


I have spoken before about prayer being a two-way street and not a one-way road. It’s an exchange with God. God can speak during prayer and our approach to prayer should take into consideration its listening aspect. Once I had established a daily prayer routine, I had also started expecting to hear from God. The first time it happened I thought it was my mind but the message was backed up by the Bible and it was clear that God was talking. His words are comforting and reassuring. Prayer is a place where we receive comfort, encouragement and love. When things are rough, I find refuge in prayer because that is where God’s love is apparent. I go to the Rock who cares for me more than anyone. I see prayer as a cocoon where many blessings are birthed and where love is always in the background. If you feel hurt, sad or lonely, make prayer your daily place of comfort. Prayer will give you the soothing touch you need. Keep on praying. Don’t let the pain take away the blessing of prayer. Prayer will always bless you when you give it a chance on a daily basis. “Pray about it” means “Receive God’s love in your situation” as well. It’s not just about getting guidance. It’s also about getting the love and peace that are needed in the situation we are in. For every difficulty, God has a solution and it begins with being aware of how much He loves us and because He does, He will get us out of that trial and tribulation.


Prayer is surrender. It’s taking the time to humble ourselves before the Lord. It is showing our vulnerability and receiving power and strength from the Lord. The surrender aspect of prayer also comes from the fact that when we pray we should accept that God will make a way. When we have a request, we should let God take care of it. We should let God be God and not try to be in control. That was a tough lesson for me to learn. I still struggle with it at times but I am always reminded by the Spirit of God that God always knows best. I am not the architect of my life. God has the blueprint of every situation I will ever encounter and I need to let go and just enjoy watching the master plan unfold. I am not always able to see how God is laying out the structure of the solution but faith reveals the process and I just have to trust it. “Pray before you worry about it” is a reality in my life and I strive to keep it going. When we walk in faith, worrying is never justified. If we pray about a matter, worry doesn’t make sense and we can push it out of our system. Prayer recognizes that our lives are in God’s hands. Friend, your life is in God’s hands. Believe it with your whole heart. Prayer will show you that once you put it all in God’s hands you have nothing to worry about. Pray every single day and you will keep handing your life over to God so He can do what’s best and give you rest!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:6; Philippians 4:6; 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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