It will happen to you

Years ago I wrote about how I used to think that good things could only happen to other people. I used to believe that when it came to blessings, I was skipped. It was as if there was a bucket of goodness that never made it to me. I could see people holding that bucket and enjoying what was inside but that bucket never materialized for me. It was a fantasy. I could spot it from miles away but it remained a distant wish, an unreachable blessing. When I became a follower of Jesus, my mindset started changing but I had so many poor thinking patterns that I couldn’t get myself to trust that the Lord Almighty wanted to bless me. I didn’t see God’s favor in my life. I saw glimpses of it but other people seemed to be a lot more favored. God shook my way of thinking. He demonstrated His love and all I could do was be in awe of Him. He loved me and I began to experience a love that was way bigger than all the love I had received in my life up to that point. His directives were clear. He said in His Word that we should follow Him

and believe Him. He indicated that if we sought His kingdom first, all things would be added into us. It’s the “all things” part that began to resonate with me. My Lord, my Savior had a kingdom that I pursued and every time I failed to follow Him, His mercy and grace were there. When I realized that His love for me was real and that His love for us all was the same, I saw a major shift in my life. You and I deserve God’s love. He is no respecter of people. He adores us and loves to bless us. He showed me first that good things could happen to me and then that they would indeed happen to me. I want to echo His message today and let you know that it can happen to you and it will happen to you. Consider “it” as the blessing or the breakthrough that you have been waiting for. Nothing is impossible to the One who adores you. You are favored and you are highly blessed. Let your head get into that mindset.


It can happen to you. Anything is possible to the one who believes. Anything is possible to our God. He can do all things and He can do them anytime. His timing is perfect and His willingness to bless us is constant. You are probably waiting for something good to happen in your life. You are probably in need of a breakthrough in an area of your life. God has that breakthrough for you. There is a miracle and a blessing coming your way. That blessing can happen. No forces in the universe can stop the Lord from blessing you. Your mind can get in the way and that is what you need to work on. Your good deeds and your kindness won’t buy you a ticket to your next blessing. They are wonderful actions but your faith will get you to your next blessing. Maintain a culture of hope within yourself. Keep a door open to hope and let your mind be a field where possibilities are being developed as you water them with the Word of God. You can be blessed. You can be delivered. You can be promoted. You can be healed. You can make it. You can keep going. You can be a living testimony. You can have what your heart desires in agreement with God’s will. Great things can take place in your life. A life of abundance of Jesus can be your life. Peace can happen. Joy can happen.  Love can happen. Patience can happen. Faith can happen. It can all happen to you, friend. Hold on to our wonderful Lord. When doubt cripples your mind, tell yourself that the blessings of the Lord are about to overtake you. Overcome doubt with the hope of a new day. God is about to do for you what you thought was only reserved for others.


It will happen to you. The blessing is on its way and today you can expect it. You can embrace it and you can rejoice in the present having the confidence that something great is definitely coming. You are in a place where amazing things can take place. Why? Because you are in a place where the Lord is always with you. His Spirit is in you and His promises are part of your life. Whatever He said He would do in His Word is a promise that belongs to you. You are entitled to blessings and victories. Yes, friend there are victories labeled with your name on them and they are being shipped as we speak. Those victories will happen to you. It is just a matter of God’s perfect timing. Don’t worry about how and when. Just remember that He has the how and the when. The answers to your prayers are a done deal. God knows how to fix everything in your life. I need to say this again; God knows how to fix everything in your life. Whatever needs to be mended will be mended. Whatever needs you have today will be met. Go from “it can happen to you” to “it will happen to you.” Anything and everything good can happen with God and you, dear child of God, are going to be the recipient of so many good things that the blessings in your life will speak for themselves. You will see the hand of God in your life clearly. There will be no doubt. Keep believing. Stay strong in your faith and keep in mind that it will happen to you!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14: Luke 1:37; Matthew 19:26

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