10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 121)

Let the love of God be the ink you use to write letters to the people in your life. Let the Spirit of God help you hold the pen and inspire you to write messages of peace, truth, love, faith and encouragement.

God has not given up on you. He has given you all you need for you to give up on what has been haunting you, bothering you and eating at you.

There is always good news with the Lord. There is always hope and peace. The good news of the Lord can silence the rumors of the world and the fear that comes from the bad news. Tune into what the Lord has to say more than you tune into the world.

Your faith could be a mustard seed today but trust that it will be a tree someday. A tree planted in the solid ground of the Gospel by the water of the Holy Spirit. A tree whose roots are in the Lord and whose leaves are unshakable.

You have a very good Father. His love for His children is out of this world. Let God’s love for you take you through all the stages of your life. Your Father will never leave you. He will watch you grow and He will make sure you blossom as you go!

Don’t let worry take up space that is reserved for faith. Worry is a thief that needs to be arrested. Ask God to help you make the arrest and He will help you keep worry and fear in a jail away from your mind.

“Eventually” will come. Your breakthrough will come. Your answers will come. Your solutions will come. Peace will come. Joy will come. Eventually is in your future. Enjoy the present. Eventually is coming.

The deeper you go into the Word of God, the wiser you get. The deeper you go into the wisdom of God, the more powerful you get. The deeper you get into the powerful knowledge from God, the more peace you get.

Sometimes your hope is just hanging by a thread. That thread of hope is enough to get you back to faith. Know that the Lord is on the other end of the thread. A simple prayer and He will you pull you back up to where confidence and trust reign.

What is hard for us is easy for God. Ease into God’s mentality. Start to see the world through His eyes and you will realize that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God.

Suggested reading: Job 11:17-19; Psalm 9:28; Romans 15:13


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