God is listening

God is always listening. Until I understood that, it was hard for me to imagine that He cared. As a young Christian I was under the impression that God mostly listened to His people during church on Sunday. I also thought that if my prayers were not answered it was because God had not listened to me. He was too busy taking care of other people. Maybe my emergency was not an emergency after all and He had to deal with bigger issues. God listens and He cares. You are His bigger issue. He is no respecter of persons. Your life, your problems, your struggles and your trials matter to Him. He is listening to your heart, listening to your tears. He cares. So why is it that sometimes we feel like He is not listening? 


The problem is that we too often rely on how it feels and how our emotions guide us when it comes to God. He is not in our feelings. He is not in how things appear or what we hear from the world. God is beyond our feelings and beyond what the world gives us and shows us. He is closer than we think and He is more attentive than we think. We shouldn’t be wearing our feelings as a way of communicating with God but we should start putting on our hat of faith. God says in His Word that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. He also says that He listens to what we have to say even before we say it. He is a loving God and when you love someone, you listen to them. There is nothing that you can say that the Lord hasn’t heard yet. There is nothing that you can feel that the Lord is not aware of yet. He knows it all and He knows you through and through.


Today I want to encourage you to trust that God is listening. He heard you. He hears you and He will always hear you. He is not just hearing what you have to say. He is listening to what you have to say. You see, there is a difference. When you hear someone you don’t necessarily pay attention to what they say. Listening implies more focused attention. Your God is listening to every single word and He is focused on you when you speak. He is always focused on you even when you are not focused on Him. I found a great way to be more aware of how much God is listening. It starts with understanding who God is and how He wants us to be with Him.


 The Lord said that “if we remain in Him and His words remain in us, we can ask whatever we want and it shall be done.” The idea here is that we ought to remain in Him and His words should remain in Him. How do we achieve that? By diligently studying and reading the Word of God. When we dive into it on a regular basis we will be impregnated with His words. We will get to know Him better. We will be touched by His Spirit. Our spiritual eyes will be more open and we will see that He is listening. He is listening because His Word already has answers for us before we even ask for anything. Remaining in Him gives us the assurance that He is involved, that He cares and that He listens. The more of the Lord in you, the more of faith in Him you will have. Faith that He is listening and faith that He will act in your favor.


Believing that God is listening is crucial to our faith. How can we believe in a God who turns a deaf ear to our prayers? That would be difficult. We would think that whatever we asked we would not get or there would be a slim chance that we might get it. It is also fundamental to trust that God is listening otherwise we have a broken relationship with Him. For a relationship to be successful, both parties have to be listening to each other. This means that for our relationship with God to be solid we have to be listening as much as He is. He is always listening but if we don’t listen to Him we might actually miss the fact that He is listening. Imagine you talk to God every day about a certain situation. You talk and talk about it when you pray, when you are in the car and when you get a chance throughout the day. Times goes by and your situation doesn’t change. You think that God wasn’t listening to you. You get discouraged. 


Is God really not listening? The truth is that He has been trying to get your attention and He has been speaking to you. His ways are different from our ways. If we take the time to know Him better, we will find the ways that He speaks to us and discover that He is listening. Get into the Word of God daily. Get into your prayer closet. Listen to what He has to say. You will find out that He is always listening to you! My prayer for you today is that you are made aware that God is listening. I pray that His Spirit opens your heart and reveals that God is not only listening to you all the time but He is also talking to you all the time. God is a good God. He is a great listener. The best listener there is!

Suggested reading: John 15:7; 1 Peter 3:12; 1 John 5:14

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