Be a revolving door for God

I have met a lot of people who are mightily used by God. I have met people who serve God in a humble but yet powerful way. I have met people who have a heart for the world and for God. People who would do anything to exalt the Lord and to show love to anyone. Those people are great inspirations. They demonstrate what it is like to be a revolving door for God. God can go through them at any time to bless people, to heal them, to help them,to  love them and to counsel them. I have seen lives transformed by the power of God because of revolving doors that never put a door stop to what God was trying to do. God can use any of us in ways we could never imagine. He is looking for people who would surrender to His will and who are willing to be love givers and world shakers. You and I can be revolving doors for God’s glory. During this time of pandemic the world needs the doors that will lead people to places where they can be loved and they can be comforted. Doors to the impossible. Doors to change. Doors to hope. Doors to peace. You are a revolving door as long as you give God access to your heart, to your mind, to your body and soul. When God touches our hearts, the rest of who we are will help put God’s will in motion. I find my heart to be full of love at times. It can feel like a giant ocean that needs to be released and fall on the shores of the broken-hearted and the lonely. If I just rely on my heart to get the job done, the desire to help and serve will not go far. Everything comes from the heart with the Lord and then it reaches other parts of our being. God can use hearts that will dictate people’s minds and bodies. We have to put everything that the Lord pours into our hearts into action. This is the concept of being doers of the Word and not just listeners of the Word. Today I want to encourage you to be the revolving door that Jesus can use so your world can be changed and His love can reign.


One of my prayers as a young Christian was “Lord, use me as You please.” I didn’t know what it truly meant. To me it meant “Use me as I see fit and not as You will.” I think we all have an idea of how God should use us. We want to be like other people who have impacted the world for Christ. We find inspirations and we want to be just like them. What I learned later on was that God calls us to follow Christ and not to follow other people. Role models are great and they are needed but we all have our own path and our own gifts and calling. When we ask the Lord to use us as He pleases, it is important to be open to what He wants to do with our lives.It’s not always going to be a bed of roses. We have to come out of our comfort zone a lot when we serve the Lord. It’s His will over ours. I am not saying that we should all try to be missionaries on the other side of the planet. Whatever the Lord wants us to do, He will let us know if we are willing to listen and it’s up to us to follow His lead or not. His will is for us to be the body that will bring transformation around us and that will promote love. As a revolving door for the Lord, we can be entry ways for love. Love comes from Him, goes through us and enters the world. There are some many amazing things that can go through us and enter the world. Praying about what to do and what to let through is a good place to start.


A revolving door lets people in from different sides. As vessels for the Lord, we ought to let what He gives us out and take in from the world. What should we take in from the world? All the hurt and pain. All the sadness and sorrow should be coming in. It shouldn’t come in to stay but it should come in and stir empathy in us. I am not advocating carrying the weight of the world. I am saying that as a revolving door, we should be empathic and absorb the hurt and pain by giving them all to Jesus. We should be catalysts who see the hurt and pray about it. We should be intercessors. It is hard to intercede for someone if we can’t be compassionate or have empathy toward that person. See the pain, pray about it and give love and peace. We are doors that give peace and hope to the world. Today I invite you to be that door. Indulge in giving love. Be a beacon of hope for people. Stay in peace and give peace. People all around you need you. Be a revolving door for God and love will enter in the world like never before!

Suggested reading: John 12:26; Galatians 5:13; 1 Peter 2:16

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