Developing your war-free zone

There is a war going on all the time and it is taking place in our minds. It never stops. It goes on day and night. We get some reprieve at times and we are even able to have some truce from time to time. However, that war, that battle is relentless. The enemy knows how to attack us and the mind is his battlefield. It is where it all starts. He knows that if he can defeat us on that battlefield, we are going to be miserable and we are going to be empty of all hope and faith. The Bible encourages us to renew our minds. This means that we have an active role to play in the battle of the mind. To renew is to re-establish, to start again or to resume something. Here the Word of God is telling us to resume our thinking every day from a new perspective. We are encouraged to re-establish our thinking and to give it a new light and a new life. I like the idea of giving a new life to our thoughts. Good and positive thoughts often die on the battlefield of the mind so it is our duty to revive them and to give them the new life that Jesus bought for us. There is a direct link between our salvation, Jesus’ purchase for us and our minds. As believers, our salvation should be allowed to impact our thoughts. Once we have established the pattern of having our salvation interfere with our thoughts, we will create a war-free zone that needs to be maintained. Today I want to invite you to develop that war-free zone and to keep it alive.


Your salvation can help you change your mind. It can influence your thinking and it can keep negative and disturbing thoughts at bay. What do I mean by your salvation? Our salvation provided by Jesus is our redemption. It is how we were saved from separation from God by Jesus’ death and resurrection. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus gave us a new life that includes blessings here and now. Our salvation is not meant to be an after-life event. It starts the moment we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We pass from death to life and it is that reality that we need to bring into our thinking. Negative thoughts belong to the death category. Positive thoughts belong to the life, resurrection category. When negative thoughts occur, we can denounce them and reject them because we don’t belong to that category. They have no power over us. We shouldn’t accept them. We are resurrected with our Savior. His thoughts are positive thoughts. His promises are eternal. We belong to the family of the Lord and we are heirs of His Kingdom. It is that way of thinking, thinking as children of God, that can make a difference. Let’s not think as children of the world with no future. Let’s think as believers in Christ with a bright future, an enjoyable present and a forgiven past.


The Lord has won the battle but your mind is the recipient of a war that is unfairly waged by the enemy who is trying to convince you and tell you that the war has not been won. The deceiver uses the mind to drop ideas that lead us to separation from God. Those ideas can start as seeds and grow into trees that are hard to uproot. The negative thoughts of the enemy are meant to destabilize us and drive us away from God so we” lose” our salvation. There are many lies that infiltrate our minds and it can be a challenge to identify them. This is why we should guard our minds. How do we do that? We can guard our minds by filling them up with the truth, with the Word of God, with the power of salvation. Our minds need to be reminded of what Jesus did on the cross instead of being told what the enemy is doing in our lives. We can’t ignore the enemy but we can resist him and push him away. Resist the enemy with God’s promises. Let His promises go to war with the schemes and the deceit of the enemy in your mind. God’s promises have to be present in your mind so your active part in this is to focus on the Lord as much as you can. When you always revert to the Lord, you create the war-free zone that keeps your mind at peace. It takes work and dedication. Make the decision that you are going to work on that war-free zone. There will always be battles but the war was won on the cross. The enemy is no match for God. Your war-free zone is the place where you know that God always wins and you can keep on walking with no fear. Don’t let your mind get out of control. Let God give you control as you make Him your focus every day!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:2;Ephesians 4:23; Philippians 4:8

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