Let God be the judge

Every year I get evaluated at work. Most evaluators have to say at least one thing that you need to improve and work on. It’s easy to take it to heart especially when you feel like you have been working really hard. The evaluation idea is a way to help people improve their practice but it can create the opposite effect and get people discouraged. We evaluate people all the time when we compare them to ourselves or to others. Evaluation falls under the judgement umbrella. It’s an umbrella that the Lord wants us to stay away from. He does not want any of us to find refuge under a structure that aims at discrediting others. When we judge others we put ourselves above them. Who are we to say that we are better? What are we basing that assumption on? Unfortunately we have found a refuge under that wrong umbrella in the church. I can’t generalize but every time we pass judgement or we condemn someone for being different, we are under the wrong umbrella. The Lord is certainly not under there with us. He won’t partake in discrimination, segregation, classification, categorization or dehumanization. We dehumanize people when we treat them like they are less important. Celebrities get glorified and homeless people get dehumanized easily.

My point is that we shouldn’t evaluate people if our goal is to diminish others. The other issue is that we often dehumanize ourselves, judge ourselves harshly and put ourselves in a box where God is not present. We devalue ourselves when we feel that we don’t reach the standards the world has set. Today I want to encourage you to set your eyes on God’s standards for your life. Don’t focus on what the world refers to as the image of perfection and what the world considers success. Your success is in the Lord. Your relationship with Him is the best evidence that you have made it in this life. Jesus bought your salvation and it is His salvation that matters more than the world’s temporary condition.

God has given you great value. In His eyes you are extremely precious. You are unique. You are golden and you are special. He doesn’t see flaws. He sees the great individual He created. However, if you can’t get to see any of it or if you have a hard time understanding it, you could be living in a constant world of self-judgement. The Lord adores you. He is not there to put you down or to make you feel less than. You have His Word and His Word says that He sent His Son to die for you. Yes, Jesus died for you. He didn’t die just for a select few. He doesn’t see some people as more valuable than others. Just because someone has more than you do doesn’t mean that the Lord loves them more. Just because someone looks like what people consider an ideal doesn’t mean that they are more blessed.

The Lord looks at the heart. He looks at what we can’t see easily. If your heart belongs to the Lord, you are blessed, you are successful, you are where you should be today and forever. Your value is limitless in His eyes. Learn to think about who you are through His eyes and not through the judgement of the world. I know it’s easier said than done but it could be a great prayer request. Pray that you see yourself the way Jesus sees you. Pray that your value shows up and you understand it. Pray that your mind stops judging you and comparing you to others. Pray for inner peace when it comes to who you are and whose you belong to.

Think about what Jesus would say about you if He were to come to your house today and talk about what He sees in you. He would speak with love. Every word He would say would be coated with deep love. His words would be music to your ears and you would hear a song you have never heard before. His love would sing to you and celebrate you. He would stress the importance of seeing yourself with loving eyes and with no judgment. People will judge you and evaluate you but let the Lord be the judge. His judgement is very different. It is about how wonderful you are and how much potential you have. That is the judgement you should be paying attention to. Don’t worry about what people say. You know the truth. The truth is that the Lord is saying that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Suggested reading: Psalm 139:14; 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3:1

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