God’s freedom trails

Life is a journey. Every day we embark on a path that takes us to our destiny. There are many trails on this journey. Passages with things left behind. Some trails are easy to follow and others are complicated and difficult. Some trails are pleasant and they are a scenic route while others are dire straits where obstacles and trials seem to turn up at every step of the way. Throughout my life I have identified some trails that led to captivity or that were plainly trails of imprisonment. Some of those trails kept me in bondage. They didn’t take me to a place of peace but they kept me under the yoke of oppression. I am sure you can find those trails in your own life. Trails that you can’t get out of and that generate chaos and confusion along the way. The Lord doesn’t want us in bondage. He came to set us free and to give us peace. He came so we could trade captivity for freedom. The other day as I was getting into prayer, the Holy Spirit whispered the words “The freedom trails of the Lord.” He said it softly deep down on the inside. His words caught my attention. God has freedom trails for all of us. He has paths of peace and harmony that will change our lives. Today I want to encourage you to pursue the freedom trails of the Lord. Seek the Lord’s kingdom and you will find the trails that lead to freedom. Ask and you shall receive. Desire freedom and let God make your paths straight and peaceful. Don’t stay stuck in the trails of captivity. God has much better for you!

A trail is a series of signs or marks that were left behind by someone or something. The enemy leaves a trail of oppression and bondage on some paths of our lives. When we don’t know the Lord, we follow the trails of the enemy and we walk along a path strewn with deception, eternal death, condemnation and doom. Being saved doesn’t mean that there are no marks left by the enemy on our paths. The marks of eternal sin and spiritual death are removed but some negative trails still show up in our lives. We follow those signs and end up in troubling situations. The enemy knows how to present those signs in an appealing way. He puts them on our path and make them glimmer like gold. All that glitters is not gold as you know and we realize it when it’s too late. The good news is that it’s never too late with the Lord. God can reverse anything. He can take the marks left behind by the enemy and destroy them. The enemy comes to destroy us but the Lord is here to destroy the powers of the enemy in our lives. Every sign and mark of negativity on our paths is an opportunity for the Lord to get us to freedom. What the enemy meant for evil is meant for good by the Lord. There is freedom on the way for you, friend. It doesn’t matter how much bondage you have been living in. God has trails of freedom for you and He is leading you there in Jesus’ name.

I suggest you identify the trails that have kept you in bondage. Are there areas of your life where there is no freedom? It could be areas in your thinking. It could be in your finances. It could be in your relationships. It could be in your prayer life. It could be in your personality. Negative trails appear in places we least expect and they can be dominant. They key is to find those negative signs. The Holy Spirit can unveil trails that we never knew existed. He can show us that we have been going down the wrong path even though we thought we were going down a scenic route of serenity. God gives peace that surpasses all understanding. The enemy gives an illusion of peace that gets stuck in our understanding. We understand it and we accept it as the ultimate peace when in reality there is a price to pay that is attached to that “peace.” Riches can be a source of such fake peace. People find comfort and refuge in their wealth. Having money is not bad. It’s the love of money that is dangerous especially when we equate money to happiness and success. God provides and He gives exceedingly more than we can imagine but He never meant for money to be the path to our salvation and to our joy. God’s peace is centered on God and nothing else. His freedom comes from Him and nothing else.

My prayer for you today is that you get to see the Lord’s freedom trails and that you are free indeed. Obstacles will always be on the way but the freedom trails of the Lord will also be there. The Lord came to set you free in every part of your life. Take His yoke upon you and know that His burden is light. The enemy’s yoke has no right to be in our lives. Let’s give it to the Lord. Let’s show the enemy who the King of our lives is. The freedom trails of the Lord can be a reality in our lives. Let’s make the Lord a priority. Let’s stay in the Word. Let’s proclaim our freedom in the name of Jesus. Freedom is leaving signs on your path and you are going to see them!

Suggested reading: Matthew 11:25-30; John 8:36; 2 Corinthians 3:17

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