Face the day with love

When I was praying yesterday morning, I received an exceptionally beautiful message. If I let the Holy Spirit take over my prayers, I get to a place where I am still and I just listen. I don’t say a word, I just wait for His Word. It is so important for me not to rush my prayers because I can miss out on hearing from God. Sometimes He speaks as I am speaking. It looks like there is a movie running in the background and I hear it through the words I am saying. It is quite interesting. Yesterday’s message was about love. He said “Face everything with love today. Face the day with love. Let love be your defense mechanism and let love be your reflex today.”  The message was threefold. He said “Approach everything that happens today with love. Show love to everyone today and remember that you are here because of My love so don’t worry about anything today.” I had to stop praying so I could write that message down. We can handle life with anger, with bitterness, with hatred, with fear, with hopelessness, with frustration but the Lord says, “Handle life with love.” I forget the power of love at times and I needed that reminder.


Today I want to encourage you to use the threefold message of love. Stay in love, show love and trust in His love. Whatever you do today, do it in the name of love. Approach every task with love. How? Thank God for what you have. Thank God that you get to do things and not that you have to do things. Let love be how you deal with every event of your life. This means that you should strive not to get frustrated and not to get angry about things. Speak love. Speak about what you do with love. Say it to yourself. Be thankful for the virtual meetings you have. Be thankful for the kitchen you get to clean. Be thankful for the time you get to spend indoors. Tell the Lord how much you love your life. That is what it comes down to. You might be saying that you have little to be thankful for. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you have that you can’t see. Pray more. Communicate with Him more and your heart will be touched by His love and you will love again. Love the sun. Love the rain. Love the walks. Love the couch. Love the food you have. Love the water you drink. Speak about your life with love. Don’t criticize and don’t complain. Approach today’s events with love. If something bad happens, say “Thank God the Lord is going to fix this. Thank God love is going to mend this.” You are going to see a big change in your life when you approach every moment with love.


Showing love to others is a fundamental truth of the Christian life. God has given us love for others. We often need to stir up that love and be open to let it take over. Showing love to others, to God and to ourselves is how we can stay in love in addition to reacting to life with love. It is crucial that we revert to love every time we slip and move away from love. Praying for others is the key to walking in love. It is hard to be mean to someone we are praying for. We should have a prayer list that includes our family and friends and that includes those who wrong us. The more you pray for someone you don’t like, the more love you will develop for him or her. The Holy Spirit will scrape off the dirt on your heart that is keeping you from loving. Show love. Be quick to forgive. Be quick to give. Be quick to pray. Be quick to walk in love. Walk away from gossip, bitterness and resentment. Walk back to the arms of the Lord and learn to love yourself as well. You are dear to the Lord and He does not want you to despise the beautiful person that He created. His love for you is unconditional and it will protect you.


Being grateful for our lives, loving others, God and ourselves are powerful ways to react with love every day. Remembering that God is love and that His love is what got us here is the third part of the love trio. Since God loves us so much, we don’t have to live in fear. He loves us so He will take care of us. When things go wrong, we ought to take refuge in God’s love. We can tell our circumstances that we are loved by the creator of the universe and therefore we are taken care of. Your thoughts will tell you that things are going to get worse and that you won’t make it. The love of the Lord in your heart will softly say that you are protected, you are loved and God’s favor on you will get you through anything. Let God’s love in your heart be louder than the doubts in your mind. His love was declared on the cross and no powers of the enemy can defeat it. Love oversees your life. The enemy is not. Slap him with God’s love for you and he will run away. Resist him by standing under the protection of God’s love and he will flee. Face the day with love and your day will see the face of love in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13; James 4:7; 1 Peter 1:22


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