10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 117)

God set you free. You are free indeed. Declare it every day before your mind puts you in a mental jail. There is freedom over chains in Jesus’ name!

If you can be anywhere, be in prayer. That’s the best place to be. You will find God there. You will find peace. You will find answers and you will find solutions.

We’ve got problems. God’s got answers. Let’s trade our problems for God’s answers in faith. Your biggest problem could be that you don’t know how to hear the voice of the One who has the biggest solutions. Ask for help and you will hear from Heaven.

Stay in the lane of praise. Don’t veer to the left where whining is. Don’t go to the right where despair lives. Stay in the lane of praise and keep your eyes on Jesus!

If God can do it, you can have it. God can do anything so you can have anything when you stay in faith.

God can rewrite your story. Trust Him with the pen and give Him your ink of faith. He will use it and write the beautiful story that is meant to be your destiny.

It doesn’t matter where you are because God is everywhere. He will find you in the depth of sorrow and He will meet you at the door of desperation.

God will bump you up when the world brings you down. God will take you to the mountaintops when the world takes you to the valleys. God will lift you up when you lift His name above your circumstances.

There are two worlds; the world of the negative and the world of the positive. Decide to stay where the positive lives. Become a permanent resident of that world. God rules over that territory. Let Him be the King of your world. Distance yourself from negativity.

Jesus rubbed mud on someone’s eyes and healed Him from blindness. Give the Lord the dirt that is keeping you from seeing Him and He will change the way you see life. Let Him open your eyes. He knows the best way to do it!

Suggested reading: Exodus 23:25; Psalm 146:8; John 9:6

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