Get yourself pumped up

One of the best pieces of advice that one of my very spiritual friends gave me was to pump myself up in the morning. She said that it was important to get a strong cup of hope and joy first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Many of us rely on a hot drink in the morning to wake us up and to give us energy. Physical energy helps us get through the day but spiritual energy is also very crucial. We need to guard our hearts, our spirits, our emotions so we can enjoy the day. The Bible proclaims that this is the day the Lord has made and that we will rejoice and be glad in it. Sometimes it is easy to be glad and to rejoice but most days we have to jumpstart the gladness and hit our spirits with some joy. The way we start our day will set the tone for the rest of the day. If we wake up grumpy and we don’t deal with the feeling, we will have a miserable day. Let’s start the day with Jesus. Let’s start the day with what He has to offer us before the world serves us a cup of negativity. Let’s not drink the Kool-Aid and adhere to the world’s misery. God has joy, peace, gladness, and blessings galore for us to enjoy. During these hard times it is even more necessary for us to start our days filled with the Spirit of the Lord. How do we get filled and how to way stay filled? These are two questions I will answer today.


Every morning I start my day with the Lord. I give Him the first hour of my day and I let Him be my focus. I wake myself up by pumping myself up. I pump up the joy, I pump up the excitement. The Lord is with me all the time so I better be excited about it. You see, we are in this world all the time and we have many reasons to be depressed and to be miserable because the world is not going away. With this pandemic, every day is the perfect day to live in fear and in misery according to the enemy. That is what he wants. He wants us to see no hope, no future, and no solution. He bombards us with negative thoughts as soon as our eyes are open in the morning or he keeps us awake all night with those thoughts. What we must tell him is “No, I am not buying it.” Let’s take a stand against the lies and let’s flow with the goodness of God.


Every morning I declare the goodness of God. I brag on Him. I exalt Him. I glorify Him. I praise Him. I adore Him. I let Him be big and mighty because that is how He truly is. I serve myself “a big dose of God almighty.” I pump myself up by saying that great things are going to happen to me. I say that major breakthroughs are going to take place in Jesus’ name. I thank the Lord for all the amazing things that are going to follow me throughout the day. I thank God for His love. I thank Him for His freedom. I thank Him for the people in my life. Sometimes I jump out of bed and do jumping jacks while praising Him. It works so well for me. It energizes me and it gives me something great to look forward it. It conditions my mind. I believe this is key; conditioning your mind with God and His awesomeness makes a huge difference. I tell my mind what to expect and what to focus on.


Find what works best for you in the morning. Find the ritual that will pump you up in the Lord. Find the songs that do it for you. Find the verses, the words, the thoughts that get you going and that bring joy. We get filled with the Spirit when we have joy, gratitude and when we are submitted to the Lord. The Spirit is in us but He will fill us up when we submit to Him. We need to empty ourselves of what is keeping us from being close to God and let His Spirit pour His love into us. Joy is a sign that we are filled with the Spirit. Jesus is a joyful Lord. His Spirit is very joyful. With joy comes gratitude. The Spirit is a grateful Spirit that always extols Jesus. Submission is how we stay filled with the Spirit. When we let Him be in charge, we stay pumped up and we continue to be excited. Let your first words in the morning be words of praise. Rejoice first thing in the morning and keep an attitude of gratitude. Let God be first in all you do and He will give you joy in all you do!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:1; Philippians 4:4:13; James 1:2-3


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