No weapon formed against you shall prosper

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” This verse is a weapon in itself. It is a verse that many Christians have been using, especially these days. It is a promise that God will protect us against the attacks of the enemy. Anything bad that happens to us is a weapon that is meant to destroy us, to rob us of our joy and to kill our faith. I am sure you can think of many weapons that have formed against you in your life and some are forming now as well. What is important to notice here is that the Lord said that weapons would form. He never said that there would never be attacks, that there would never be problems. Problems, trials, and tribulations are weapons that will always form against us. When something is formed, it is taking shape and it is being prepared. The enemy is always preparing something to knock us down. Some people don’t have that many weapons formed against them it seems because the enemy has them where he wants them. However, the truth is that him holding them captive and hostage is a major weapon. We all have something negative formed against us but we also have the Lord who has always been ready. He has known about the weapons. He has conquered all the weapons. It is up to us to react positively when faced with those weapons. I am not saying we should be happy when we are facing difficulties. We should stay happy in the Lord despite the difficulties because of our faith. Our faith is the weapon that can bring down any weapon formed against us. A few words spoken in faith can keep the weapons from prospering. Today I want to encourage you to use your weapon of faith daily. Let it take shape in you. Let it form against the weapons that are trying to ruin you. Let the Lord be the essence of your weapon and you will see that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

I used to think that being a Christian meant that I would have fewer problems and that my life would be easy. I thought that salvation translated into liberation from the enemy. That thinking was detrimental because every time something bad happened I doubted God. I doubted Him and I would get mad at Him. The enemy knows how to form weapons in our minds by giving us the wrong thinking. He has ideologies and theories that appear to be truth worthy but that are really false teaching that alienates us from God’s truth. I believe it is important to analyze our thinking and to detect where mental weapons are hiding. We ought to ask the Holy Spirit to help us unload the weapons of wrong thinking. God can show us where we are going wrong in our thinking and His Spirit can stop those weapons from hurting our belief systems and from stalling our faith. God has the perfect weapon against wrong thinking; His Word studied with the assistance of His Spirit. When we speak the Word against the mental weapons of the enemy, we neutralize his stronghold on our minds. We must constantly speak the truth so the lies don’t stick and so they don’t prosper. I can’t emphasize the power of our positive confessions enough. Speak against the weapons. Speak faith against fear. Speak love against hatred. Speak peace against the storms. Speak joy against sorrow. Speak God against the enemy.

There are tons of weapons that can form in our lives. The enemy can form weapon after weapon. He is an expert when it comes to the negative domino effect. God is an expert at destroying what the enemy plans against us. When you think about the cross and the resurrection, you see that no weapon formed against you can prosper because every weapon died on that cross and freedom resurrected. Claim your freedom from the weapons.  Declare that they died and that they can’t prosper and they can’t take you down. Disarm the enemy with the power of the cross. Disarm the enemy with the power of the blood of Jesus. Keep talking even when the enemy is screaming. Sing praises over his screaming. Sing Jesus’ victory. Don’t let the enemy win the battle of the weapons. Your weapons in the Lord are much stronger and bigger. Prayer, praise, gratitude, faith, God’s mercy, and God’s grace are weapons you can resort to. Stay in love even when the weapons are making you hate life. Love is the weapon that puts an end to the reign of the enemy. Love the Lord, love your neighbor. Seek the kingdom first. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. God has the final say!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:17; Matthew 6:33; 1 John 4:4


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