God will refine you and define you

I love how God refines us. He molds us, He changes us. He does a wonderful work in us when we submit to Him. When we surrender ourselves and we leave our ego at the door as we enter His house, changes follow. We can’t be with God and spend time with Him without being altered and modified. God is always with us but we are not always with Him. We can choose to go in a direction that it not His ways. We can walk on the left side of life when He wants us to stay on the right side. We can walk fast away from His goodness but it doesn’t mean He is not there. We can get into a lane that doesn’t belong to us and stick to our own will. Stepping away from the lane that was designed for us and walking away from God can lead us into dire straits. The refinement that takes place when we stay in the house of the Lord is a beautiful process that bears much fruit. Surrender and devotion are key. We need to acknowledge that we can’t do this life without Jesus. He desires to bless us by refining our spiritual character and molding our hearts so that they look more like His. The refinement process involves some burning. It’s the burning of our old ways. The burning of our thinking, the renewing of our minds and the development of our spirit. The word “refine” has the adjective “fine” in it. What God is doing in your life as you give Him control, is going to turn you into a fine individual. He is going to turn you into a person of high quality. High quality according to His will. Today I want to encourage you to recognize that the Lord is a refiner and that He is refining you so you can be more like Him.

When I hear the word “refinement”, I picture some fine and pure sugar. For some reason I see some fine grains, a sugar of the highest quality around. God makes us sweet when He refines us and He opens our eyes to the sweetness of His love in every situation. He gives us the ability to see the good in everything. He gives us the ability to see the good despite the bad. He opens our eyes to the reality that He is bigger than our biggest problems. He fine-tunes out spiritual eyesight so the filter of faith replaces the filter of fear. God can change us on the inside in a way that defies all understanding. He can do the impossible on the inside and then we understand that anything is possible. He refines our approach to life and He refines our (spiritual) senses. He dilutes the negative perspective we have held on to for some long. How does this take place? When we place ourselves in His hands and His Word is our go-to reference for life. When we abide in Him and obey Him, He can refine us and redefine us.

I mentioned a stage of burning when God refines us. The sacrifice of praise can appear to be a burning procedure that feels like a stretch.
When we feel that burn of worship because our flesh doesn’t want to praise the Lord, we are on the right track. The burn doesn’t last but God’s goodness is revealed. Oftentimes we need the flesh to be put under so the goodness of God can be presented to our spirit. The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. As God is refining you, take a stand and decide to stay in the spirit and give your flesh a tranquilizer until your spirit is more in control. Your spirit wants to obey the Lord and follow His control. Stay in prayer. Be in prayer every day. God will refine you in many ways as you pray. Prayer is a platform that gives God the ok for refinement. God will speak to you during prayer time and help you proceed through the “refinement operation.” God will operate on you and He will hold you dearly in His hands. Keep surrendering. Keep praising Him. Keep thanking Him. Keep relying on Him. Keep tuning into His Spirit. Let God refine you and define you today!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 64:8; Romans 9:20-22; Romans 12:2


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