A very present help in times of trouble

Where do you go for help in times of trouble? Who do you turn to? Do you go to your closest friends? Do you go to your family? Is there a place you run to where you can find peace? God is family and He is your closest friend. He is the best place to run to. He is our refuge and our help in times of trouble. I would like to meditate on that truth today. There are billions of people on the earth and none of them compare to the Lord. God gave us people to relate to and to call family and friends but none of them are family like Jesus is. When we have this intimate relationship with Him and we have a connection that shows us we are family, God is always our number one resort. We can’t see Him and yet He is more real than everything around us. We can’t touch Him and yet He is closer than our skins. God is not only family but He is the best family there is. There is no dysfunctional element to your relationship with Him unless you keep turning away from Him, loving Him then pulling back, then caring for Him and then leaving Him. On His side everything is fine. For Him you are the apple of His eyes and He adores you. God is your family and your help. Can you imagine? You can get help anytime you need from the creator of the universe. Nothing you will ever do and nothing you will ever say will make Him see you as less than a child. You are His child and He will protect you and cherish you. Count on Him all the time. Count on Him first. He is your best refuge and He will bless you even when things are chaotic and dark.

The major storms that have been affecting the world lately are ominous and we can’t seem to get away from them. The storm of disease and the storm of fear are in every single country at this point in time. They are present everywhere and they make the present difficult for many people. However, the Lord our God is our present help in times of trouble. This means that right now, today, at this very moment, you can find protection, you can find a refuge. The negativity and the darkness might be everywhere but so is Jesus. He is by your side right now. Nothing and no one can separate you from Him. The refuge, the Rock of salvation, the King of Kings is present. He is in the now and He will bless you in the now. Sit still and meditate on how present the Lord is. Turn off the tv, ignore social media for some time, don’t listen to the radio but listen to the One who is your hero. In times of trouble, God will save the day. He is not just going to do it tomorrow. He is doing it now, today. How can He be of help? He can give you the peace you need right now. Ask Him. Close your eyes and ask Him for peace. Trade your sorrow for His arrow. He has an arrow that can pierce the worst feelings and that can make a hole in the worst fear. No weapon formed against you shall prosper!

Some people say, “Help is on the way” but today the Lord is saying “Help is here to stay.”
Your help comes from the Lord so turn to Him today. He knows what you need. He knows how to get it to you and He knows how to fix whatever is broken in your life. The world seems broken today and God is fixing it as we pray. Your present help is flooding you with love so thank Him for His love. Close families are not shy when it comes to showing love for one another. Show God how much you love Him. Thank Him for being Him. Thank Him for His presence and thank Him for the present. Great things are coming and good things are here today. Your present-day help is taking care of every minute of today. Stay in the present. Stay with God. Tomorrow will come and your present help will be there as well. Let Him show you first what He can do and wants to do for you today and you will have more faith for what He is going to do tomorrow. Your refuge is invincible. You are protected and you are blessed. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1-3; Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 7:7

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