Stay inside the house of the Lord

God is our refuge, our fortress, our stronghold, our place of peace, our place of hope. We can dwell in His house and be safe. We can dwell In His house and be blessed. We can stay in His house and receive all we need. His house is our protection. It is our dwelling place where peace, love, joy, faith and wisdom abound. God’s house is a gift that we have to appreciate, love and embrace. I find myself at peace in His house all the time. When negative thoughts start storming my head, I know that I have stepped outside of the house and it is time for me to come home. When doubt is pulling me into many directions, I know that I must head home and shake off the doubt once I am there. When worry is clinging on to me, I know that I have entered a zone that is shutting me out of the Lord’s house. Worry tends to keep us outside the house of the Lord and to make us think that we need to spend time outside and think, overthink about our lives outside His house. There are no benefits to being in the worry zone. It can feel comfortable but that feeling is deceiving. Nothing good has ever come out of worrying. Worrying makes us come out of the house of peace and that is not a way to live. We should stay in the house of the Lord and enjoy every room He has provided for us.

The other morning during prayer time the Lord showed me a few things about His house. He spoke to my heart about the beauty of His dwelling place. He encouraged me to stay indoors and to take advantage of all His amenities. You see, peace is one of those amenities that grounds us in His house. The peace of the Lord is very central. It inhabits every room and it keeps us close to God. We can’t be close to God and not feel His peace. Sometimes His peace seems less to me and I realize that I am either hanging out on a balcony thinking about the outside or I have left the house altogether. The Spirit of God brings me back in. He tells me to keep my eyes on Jesus and to seek His face until I find peace again, until I find myself in the middle of the living room of serenity. God is peace and His peace is available to all of us when we stay in His dwelling place.

How do you envision God’s place? How do you picture His fortress? To me it is huge. It is beyond beautiful because it was built on love. Love is the cornerstone of His house. The Lord’s dwelling place was built on the foundation of His Son. Jesus is the owner of the house and the creator of His house. He has invited you and me to stay there with Him. His Spirit is the host and His Father is the overseer. Why do we run out of His house then? I think that lack of knowledge might be what gets in the way. We don’t know enough about God our refuge. We might need to spend more time meditating on His Word and learning about our amazing fortress. God’s house is not just a place; it is a lifestyle. We ought to have a lifestyle where God is our life and His love gives us style. What I mean by that is that our lives should totally rely on the Lord and His love should be what fashions our lives, what gives meaning to our lives.

These days we can’t be outside much. We need to isolate and stay indoors. There is no better place to be than to be in the dwelling place of the Lord. When we remain in His habitation we stay where all good things abound. The Lord has so much to offer. We can never be bored with Him. His Spirit, the host, can impart knowledge and wisdom. He is the best counselor around and we can have deep and meaningful counseling sessions with Him. God has set a table before us and it is right there in His house. Eat from His table. Grab a plate of peace. Drink a glass of hope. Devour a cake of joy. Munch on snacks of goodness. Have mustard seeds of faith and delight in God’s kindness. Times are hard but the house the Lord is still the same. Stay indoors. Stay in the house of the Lord. It is your fortress, your refuge and your place of hope!

Suggested reading: 1 Kings 8:13; Psalm 26:8; John 14:2

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